Janice Hahn

LA County: Fourth District
Position Seeking: Supervisor

Question 1: What do you believe the role of the County Board of Supervisors should be in the development of the region’s cultural infrastructure? 

The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors needs to be at the forefront encouraging the development of cultural infrastructure. Los Angeles County is home to movies, music, museums, and more, and we need to ensure the infrastructure is in place to cultivate the culture surrounding these industries. That means increasing funding for theaters, music halls, and art museums in order to continue Los Angeles’ rich culture.

Question 2: The County Board of Supervisors has a history of supporting Arts Education through its Arts for All initiative. As Supervisor, how would you address the need of all public school students to receive a well-rounded education that includes quality arts education instruction?

Our children deserve the cultural edification and mental stimulus inherent in learning about the arts, so we absolutely should continue supporting arts education in our public schools. Learning about the arts can stimulate thinking and expression in ways not seen in other academic areas, and the arts can serve as a wonderful outlet for the creativity and passion that allows our children to truly be themselves. I am strongly in favor of continuing the Arts for All initiative, as I want every child to be given the chance to gain something valuable from learning about the arts. I further want to see this initiative grow to more school districts in the country, as there are still around 20 that have not yet embraced this initiative. As Supervisor, I would strongly encourage these remaining school districts to consider adopting provisions of the Arts for All initiative and, in so doing, ensure that students across Los Angeles County all have an equally excellent and uplifting experience with their arts education.

Question 3: In light of the County’s Cultural Equity and Inclusion Initiative, how would you address issues of inclusion, equity, and diversity in the region’s nonprofit cultural arts sector?

I would strive to do my utmost to ensure that our region’s nonprofit cultural arts sector is as diverse, inclusive and as equal as the County itself. The County’s Cultural Equity and Inclusion Initiative was a great first step in addressing these issues and I pledge to continue these efforts once elected to the Board of Supervisors. What makes the arts so exceptional is that they are inherently equal and inclusive. As regulators of the region’s art programs, we should ensure that the values that art instills are uplifted and upheld, as inclusivity and diversity is where the strength of the arts lie.

Questions 4: As Supervisor, how would you approach the development of a regional approach to cultural tourism?

Los Angeles County is one of the world’s premier cultural tourism spots, and I believe that the Board of Supervisors must take the utmost care to ensure that our County continues to provide the high quality works of art the world has grown accustomed to associating with Los Angeles. Whether by increasing funding for our museums and galleries or by advertising and encouraging people to experience the arts at our theatres and concert halls, the LA Board of Supervisors can work together with Los Angeles institutions and businesses to ensure that our cultural reputation is not only maintained, but enhanced and cultivated. I will also work to see the Board of Supervisors work together with groups like Arts for LA to ensure that we are doing everything in our power to best advance the flourishing of an artistic vision in our County.