Jul 11, 2023


Los Angeles, CA

The ProjectArt ArtCorps is a Teaching Artist Residency and offers a unique opportunity for visual artists to engage with communities through local libraries, while teaching afterschool art classes, and expanding their artistic practice. Each selected artist is assigned to a partner public library where they develop a curriculum to instruct and mentor youth ages 4-18. Teaching artists will facilitate 2-3 hour-long classes per week. Utilizing library resources to develop a new body of work and research is strongly encouraged. The Residency culminates in a professionally curated resident group exhibition featuring works created by all of the residents for the city or region during the program year. The residency also offers artists panel discussions, professional development, art-world professional consultants, and local meet-ups with your city’s resident artist cohort and Program Director.

They must first review our Request For Proposals and then apply using the link contained within that document by July 21, 2023.
Teaching artists will receive $60 per hour for 2-3 hours of weekly instructional class time, along with paid prep time at $15 per class.