Aug 16, 2023

Barnsdall Arts Center

4814 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90027

The BAC is seeking a ceramic laboratory technician to provide ongoing support in operating our kilns and maintaining our ceramic studio/ laboratory, beginning in early 2024. This is an ideal position for a friendly, energetic, caring, professional, and responsible Ceramic Laboratory Technician with experience maintaining a ceramic studio/ laboratory and a passion for contributing to a safe and supportive learning environment.

RESPONSIBILITIES included but are not limited to
● Assist in operation and maintenance of a ceramics studio/laboratory: perform specialized and technical duties to ensure efficient and safe operation; set up classroom/laboratory and equipment for instructors.
● Assist teachers and students in the proper and safe use of a variety of equipment, materials, and supplies in the instructional setting; provide assistance to students as appropriate, assigned or according to established procedures.
● Formulate and test clays and glazes; fire and maintain kilns; operate and maintain a wide variety of specialized equipment including but not limited to mixers, wheels, and hand and power tools.
● In charge of loading, firing, and unloading the kilns (gas and electric)
● Order, receive and store supplies, materials, and equipment; maintain inventories, to assure appropriate quantities are available for instructional use for each session
● Adjust, maintain, calibrate, and perform minor repair to equipment; report major repair needs or arrange for repairs according to established procedures
● Maintain a ceramics classroom/laboratory environment in a safe, clean and orderly condition
● Prepare and maintain various records and reports related to classroom/laboratory operations and activities as required
● Assist in the scheduling of the use of the ceramics classroom/laboratory equipment and supplies
● While working closely with education coordinator, create and maintain a public firing schedule for all ceramic classes
● Provide information and assistance to students and staff in the ceramics subject area
● Safely operate, maintain, and demonstrate the use of specialized equipment, materials, and supplies
● Maintain kiln shelves and kiln furniture.
● Follow safety requirements and follow appropriate safety precautions in the storage, handling and disposing of hazardous materials.
● Manage the recycling of clay
● Research best practices and new technological innovations in the field
● Make recommendations to the staff on the ordering of equipment and supplies

● Bachelor’s degree preferred; or equivalent combination of education and experience
● Minimum 5 years operating Kilns experience.
● Technical expertise in the physical handling of ceramics studio equipment both Electric & Gas Kiln
● In-depth knowledge of the handbuilding, throwing and firing ceramic process and glazing techniques
● Knowledge of ceramics history and contemporary practitioners in the field.
● Requires ability to work effectively and cooperatively with administrators, faculty, staff, students and vendors, and demonstrated sensitivity to and respect for working with a diverse population.
● Excellent oral and written communication
● Strong management and organizational skills.
● Familiarity with Google Suite preferred
● Ability to problem-solve effectively.
● Must have valid California Driver’s license with reliable form of transportation

● Must to be ability to sit and stand for extended periods
● Climb up and down stairs
● Bend, stoop, and lift to move and retrieve materials
● Pull, push, and lift up to 50 pounds.

In accordance with Los Angeles City Ordinance 187134, candidates must meet the minimum requirement of being
fully vaccinated against COVID-19 or receive an exemption and report their vaccination status prior to being hired by DCA. The ordinance is available at

Weekly Schedule: Occasional nights and weekends as programming requires

Session for 2024
● Winter / Spring Sessions : February ~ May. ( 6~ 8 weeks )
● Summer Session : July ~ August ( 4~6 weeks )
● Fall Session : September ~ November ( 10 weeks )

City Holidays/No Classes: 1/1/24, 1/15/24, 2/19/24, 3/25/24, 5/27/24, 7/4/24, 9/2/24, 10/14/24, 11/11/24, 11/28/24, 11/29/24, 12/25/24.

Qualified applicants should submit the followings information by 5:30 PM on
Wednesday, August 30
● Cover Letter
● Resume with 2-3 references

Apply through the below link: