Jun 26, 2023


Los Angeles, CA

This senior staff position will provide leadership and oversight of LACO’s marketing and messaging, earned revenue, patron services, digital strategy, and external communications toward the achievement of institution-wide strategic goals: to position the Orchestra as an indispensable community resource; to present programs that diversify, expand, and strengthen the LACO community; and to establish a stable financial foundation on which to build the next generation of world-class artistry. In addition to bearing responsibility for subscription and single-ticket revenue, the Director of Marketing and Messaging will collaborate with colleagues on the Senior Staff team in driving LACO’s overall post-pandemic recovery and growth. Additional responsibilities include leading the marketing and communications teams and collaborating closely with the Development and Production Departments to oversee all outward-facing communication institution-wide.

Apply here by 8/01/23.
$110,000 – $125,000 | PTO, Life insurance, 401k, Health insurance, Dental, Vision