Dec 1, 2023

Center Theatre Group

601 West Temple Street, Los Angeles CA 90012

Under the supervision, strategic and conceptual guidance of the Deputy Managing Director, work to ensure the successful delivery of Center Theatre Group’s education, community and engagement programs, services, and events.

This is an entry-level role for someone interested in arts administration and/or arts education administration. It is a great fit for an organized, friendly, curious, and flexible individual who enjoys administration, data management, and being part of a collaborative and diverse team. If you are looking to build a career as a teaching artist or educator, this may not be a good fit, as it involves little to no interaction with program participants and no teaching opportunities.

This position will begin primarily remote, with increasing time in-office in downtown Los Angeles. There are also frequent events in Boyle Heights, Culver City, and other locations throughout the greater Los Angeles area.

The E&CP Coordinator will provide direct administrative support to the Education and Community Partnerships department, designing and maintaining systems to help the full team engage in exceptional theatre education programming. Oversee general office management, including supporting department financial and data management, fielding general inquiries on behalf of the department, general marketing and outreach and project support. Support programs by tracking enrollment and statistics and providing hands-on, day-of assistance.

1. Under the direction of the Deputy Managing Director, coordinate office administration and help to set and reinforce department policies and procedures.
a. Coordinate general day to day office management for department.
i. Ensure department has needed general supplies.
ii. Maintain a safe office space, including supporting department office standards around cleanliness, finding solutions to storage problems when needed and maintaining a tidy environment for the department.
b. Maintain office supply inventory and equipment for department.
i. Track department inventory.
ii. Order office supplies for department when needed, including department branded supplies. Regularly follow up with colleagues to ensure they have all needed supplies.
iii. Oversee organizing supply inventory on a continual basis.
iv. Ensure department equipment is in good condition.
v. Coordinate department office equipment usage.
c. Assist with supporting department finances.
i. Understand all procedures related to processing invoices.
ii. Provide direct support to Deputy Managing Director with processing department invoices with few to no errors.
iii. Have deep knowledge about department coding structure related to processing department invoices.
iv. Support monthly credit card reconciliation.
v. Stay abreast of department policies related to Finance, ensuring the policies are up to date.
vi. Have basic knowledge of department contracts.
vii. Maintain broad understanding of the department budget.
viii. Maintain good working relations with Finance colleagues.
d. Manage department VIP List and other marketing lists.
i. Maintain up to date list of key contacts in Tessitura for department use of VIPs.
ii. Work with colleagues to update VIP List as needed, soliciting updates from team periodically.
iii. Manage opening night offers on behalf of the team.
iv. Support needed communication to the VIP list as assigned.
v. Research constituents to add to the list as assigned.
e. Maintain list of department memberships, including email addresses and passwords associated with each membership.
f. Professionally and efficiently field all general inquiries (phone, email, and department email from etc.) regarding CTG’s education and community partnerships programs and services.
i. Provide superior customer service with accurate and helpful information on all department’s programs and offerings (availability, prices, dates, components, coordination, etc.).
ii. Provide accurate and helpful basic information on CTG in general.
iii. Use good judgment in redirecting inquiries to other staff/departments.
g. Assist with volunteer management as assigned.

2. In coordination with the Digital Learning Manager, manage data information and systems for the department.
a. Support the department’s use of the patron management software, Tessitura.
i. Maintain constituent information using patron management software in alignment with organizational best practices.
ii. Assist in establishing department best practices around the patron management software, including overseeing annual updates around needed constituencies, attributes, values, and activities.
iii. Stay abreast of new software features relevant to the department.
b. Help maintain and update all department mailing lists and listservs.
i. Work with all team members to ensure contacts related to their programs and function areas are captured in department data lists.
c. Provide lists of clients and participants for use by other staff (selected mailing lists, lists of participants, grant requests, special events) upon request.

3. Support Department Program Implementation
a. Provide general program support to Education and Community Partnerships department.
I. Support enrollment and application processes in collaboration with team members, including designing the collection process, tracking participants, and communicating with them.
II. Maintain department calendar of events with staffing assignments.
III. Assist other department staff with the planning and implementation of department programs, services, and activities (conferences, matinees, workshops, trainings, etc.), including staffing department events, as assigned.
IV. Manage timelines, budgets and contracts related to performance of duties; Set, track and meet deadlines, program and budget goals, as assigned.
V. Assist with task assignments and mentoring of department interns, as needed. Supervise department interns, as assigned.
VI. Articulately, enthusiastically, and accurately represent educational goals and content of programs and services.
i. Research needs and priorities for program development, as assigned.
ii. Participate in the development of program materials (flyers, program one-sheet, surveys, activities, signage etc.).
i. Spearhead program coordination.

4. Assist Deputy Managing Director in the cultivation of the Board Education and Community Partnerships Committee.
a. Coordinate all aspects of the Board Education and Community Partnerships Committee meetings:
I. Work with Board Liaison to coordinate Committee Meetings:
i. Manage all meeting coordination (securing dates, spaces, parking, food, etc.).
ii. Maintain updated contact information for the Committee, including Committee members’ assistants if applicable.
iii. Send meeting notifications, manage responses.
iv. Assist in preparation for meetings, including reports as requested.
v. Coordinate meeting mailings, as needed.
vi. Manage meeting set up (materials, equipment, presentation needs).
vii. Record and disseminate meeting notes and documentation per organization’s standards.
viii. Assist with follow-up, recognition, and acknowledgements of Committee Members.
II. Develop and maintain the department Board Orientation Packet as assigned.

5. Manage general department marketing and outreach.
a. Oversee department participation in relevant marketing and outreach events.
b. Research new department marketing opportunities.
c. Work directly with team in developing marketing and outreach strategies. Solicit needs from department staff.
d. Develop timeline, coordinate marketing and outreach events we participate in as assigned.
e. Assist in securing teaching artists for any relevant marketing and outreach events, as assigned.
f. Coordinate event materials (i.e.: event handouts, promotional material), and follow up, as needed.
g. Coordinate all aspects of marketing and outreach event production, as assigned.

6. Provide support to Education and Community Partnerships department.
a. Actively participate in department-level discussions related to strategic vision, priority setting, season planning, program development and staffing, as needed.
b. Assist other department staff with the planning and implementation of department programs, services, and activities, as assigned.
c. Assist with supervision, task assignments and mentoring of department interns, as needed.
Articulately, enthusiastically, and accurately represent educational goals and content of programs and services.
Provide accurate and helpful basic information on CTG in general.