Aug 26, 2023

Blue Koi Gallery


International “Water themed” Juried Art Competition

Dive into a world of artistic fluidity with our upcoming Water-themed Art Competition. Water, with its boundless forms and captivating movements, has long been an inspiration for artists.

This competition celebrates the beauty, power, and tranquility of water through the lens of creativity. Whether you’re drawn to its reflective surfaces, its life-giving essence, or its symbolic meanings, we invite you to create magnificent artworks that flow with imagination. All forms of visual interpretations are invited and embraced.

Theme Description:
Artwork should consist of: rivers, lakes, or waterfalls, coral reefs to graceful marine life, crashing waves, seascapes and more.

Benefits: Winning artworks will receive certificates, promotions, and be featured in an exclusive exhibition. There will be a chance to win $200 in cash awards.

To Submit, please email by October 15, 2023.