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We invite you to host an Art Break Day site. 12th Annual Art Break Day!

Make art with the world on September 2, 2022

Since 2011, over forty thousand people in cities across the world have participated in a free and public art-making event known as “Art Break Day.”Art Break Day is a daylong celebration that encourages people to sit down, take a short break from their busy lives, and make art for free. Tabled booths are set up in highly trafficked locations in various cities across the globe and passer-byers are provided art supplies and the opportunity to make art for free. The annual event occurs simultaneously in all participating locations on the first Friday of September. This year’s Art Break Day will take place on 9/2/2022. Many of the Art Break Day sites might be virtual and others with safe/best practices can be in person.

Art Break Day was created by the nonprofit art organization Art is Moving. According to Co-Founding Director Lisa Rasmussen, “Art Break Day is an event for the people that is hosted by the people. While providing everyone with an opportunity to discover the positive impact of art I hope it also ignites their inner artist and they leave encouraged, empowered, and ready to engage with art again and again.”

“Art Break Day is all about connection,” says Co-Founding Director, Lauren Odell Usher Sharpton. “People connect with their creative sides while making art. People also connect with one another by making art at the same table. And, because several locations simultaneously host an Art Break Day, people also make art with the world.”

Volunteer host, Vasvi Srivastava of New Dehli, India says of her experience hosting, “It was amazing to see strangers connecting with each other over art. New friendships were formed.”

We invite you to host an Art Break Day site. Visit to register your site today!

Art Break Day is free to the public. People of all ages are encouraged to participate and no prior experience is required to do so. There is no time limit on participation. Visit any of the locations to take a break and make art with your neighbors. To learn more about this year’s event and locations, visit

Apply here by 8/23/2022.

Art is Moving creates, initiates, and shares community art projects that educate, encourage, and empower people to “take an art break” and make art part of their daily life. We do this because we know that art makes people better. And, better people make a better world.
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