Junior Digital Designer

Who Gives a Crap - Creative Team

Los Angeles, CA

Want to challenge yourself at a high-growth startup AND make a difference in the world?

A bit about us:

Who Gives A Crap makes toilet paper that’s good for the planet, good for people and good for your bum. All of our products are made sustainably without trees and we donate 50% of profits to help build toilets in developing countries. To date, we've donated over $1,300,000 and we're just getting started!

We're one of the fastest growing ecommerce businesses in Australia, and are now aggressively entering the North American and European markets, with insanely ambitious growth targets for this year and beyond. We currently have a team of about 60 people working out of “hubs” Melbourne, Manilla, Los Angeles and Hong Kong. We’re never happy with the status quo, though, so we’re planning to double or triple our team in the next year, and we won’t stop growing until everyone in the world has access to a toilet. So... that’s where you come in! 

A bit about the role:


Our Junior Digital Designer will be joining a kick butt Creative Team with a love of baked goods, geeking out on truly impressive ideas and campaigns, oh, and tacos. Reporting into our Design Lead, this role will primarily work across digital design projects, but you’ll get to dip your toes in everything - posters, web banners, packaging, presentations - you name it!

You’ll bring your digital expertise to bring to life creative concepts which will mostly service the Growth Marketing team, developing email journeys, A/B tests, landing pages and, of course, create a fun animated gif or two. 


If you worked here this past month here are some things you might have been involved in:

  • Went on a surprise team excursion and participated in our weekly creative team exercise
  • Helped us come up with ways to bring our Plastic Free July campaign to life and started sketching out some inspiration for our social media assets 
  • Helped us find amazing illustrators for our upcoming limited edition packaging
  • Baked something particularly light and fluffy for the office (we have a roster, it’s VERY important)
  • Worked with our Digital Product design team to make sure the changes to our subscriber dashboard is on brand
  • Brainstormed new ways we can measure our Creative Team’s performance in our upcoming quarterly OKR’s
  • Attended a lot of very serious meetings where we all get to say crap and bum a lot
  • Designed a bunch of email a/b tests for our customer journey + proactive campaigns (we once did an email with a big red button in the middle of it. It led to a page that made a fart sound. Just sayin’)
  • Found yourself pixel pushing on your design, then self corrected to get that damn A/B test out into the world because you can draw the line
  • Uploaded a bunch of stuff that inspires you on our Slack #inspiration channel

Let’s talk about you

Yes, you’re a digital designer, but you don’t just make things look pretty. You’ve probably always dreamt of applying your design skills to work that’s contributing to making our world a better place whilst making people smile. Your brain is one big mood board and you’re bursting with ideas and inspiration. You understand the nuances of digital design in the world of ecommerce and you get a kick out of seeing your handy work across emails, landing pages and social platforms. 


You see the forest, and the trees

Rather than just thinking through the individual element you’re designing, you think about the entire experience it fits into. We go at a fast pace, so while we want to be proud of the work that goes out, it might not always be perfect. We prefer to get as many of our ideas into the world as possible, rather than perfecting a single idea.


You look good in (lots of) hats

Berets, caps, helmets - you look good in all of them. We’re a small team and we all get our hands dirty. You’re just as enthusiastic about designing a scrappy FB ad as you are a well polished, big campaign. Ideally, you have / had your own side projects because you’re that kinda creative person. 


You’re delightful and like to make people smile

We want someone who can learn our approach, think quickly and take the initiative to suggest new ways in which we can use design to deliver delight. You’re constantly thinking about fun ways to bring delight to our customers, can think of high end campaignable ideas as well as smaller, easier to action ones.

You have a side hustle in housekeeping
Not really, but we want you to be detail oriented and organized. You label your files correctly and love to keep things in layers so that you can share your goods with the whole team. 

You heart feedback
Always. You love getting tips and tricks from your co-workers and welcome new ideas. People! They’re the best. People with feedback! They’re even better. 

You give a crap

Yep. We’re all here because we genuinely want to make the world a better place with our work, and we want you to want that too! Awwww.

Why you should work with us

Every minute you spend working with us, you’re making a difference. The more we grow, the bigger an impact we’ll have. Sell your soul no longer! We think that’s a pretty great perk, but we don’t stop there…

If you have a great idea, we’ll do everything we can to make it happen. This is the kind of role that will be hard to find anywhere else: you’ll work with an incredible bunch of passionate people to grow a fast-paced startup at a crucial point in its trajectory.

The job is also super flexible, something we’re working hard to hold onto even as we grow really quickly. We started the business remotely, and now have hubs in 4 cities around the world. While the LA team spends most of the week together in the Downtown office, you can also mix it up and work from home or your favourite cafe!  And while we don’t have a Friday drinks cart (yet), you will get free toilet paper. A lot of it. And nothing beats that.


Lastly, you get to say the word ‘crap’ more than in any other job. Guaranteed.



This depends on your experience but just because we’re a social enterprise doesn’t mean you’ll get paid peanuts. Think chocolate covered macadamia nuts with some extra perks thrown in. In other words, we pay competitively and are determined to make this the best job you'll ever have – you won’t ever want to leave!

Who Gives A Crap also provides 4 weeks of paid annual vacation (woot!), flexibility to take extra unpaid leave or travel while working,  great health insurance, 401(k) matching, generous parental leave and a whole lot of other stuff. And did we mention the free toilet paper?

Applications via: https://grnh.se/235dc6162

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