LA County Must Invest in the Arts

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This Tuesday, July 21, the LA County Board of Supervisors will be considering four pieces of legislation that directly impact LA’s arts and culture community. These bills range from the future of the arts internship program to determining how to spend over $1 billion in CARES Act federal stimulus money. Your voice is urgently needed.

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before Tuesday, July 21 at 9 am.


My name is _________ and I write to urge you to adopt Item 51-I as well as encourage a more robust inclusion of the arts + culture in items 51-C, 51-D, and 51-K. Taken together, these motions represent an essential investment in LA County's communities, yet several are lacking important detail on the vital role our creative communities have to play in building a just, equitable LA.

  1. ITEM: 51-C
    POSITION: In Favor 

    I urge you to include arts and arts education in any Alternatives to Incarceration (ATI) planning. 
    The arts and arts education must be included in any community investment & youth development programs, especially in Black, Indigenous, People Of Color (BIPOC) communities, as they are critical to community based youth development and ATI. I also urge you to additionally fund the LA County Department of Arts and Culture’s Countywide Plan for Elevating the Arts as a Criminal Justice Reform Strategy.

  2. ITEM: 51-D
    POSITION: In Favor

    I urge you to instruct the Department of Public Works & Infrastructure LA to include specific plans for artists to be hired by the county 
    - or through public-private partnerships - to aid LA County's economic recovery (Item 51-D). The creative workforce has a key role to play in the economic recovery; I urge you to take swift action to include specific plans for the many ways artists & creative professionals can help strengthen LA's social & public health infrastructure. 

  3. ITEM: 51-I
    In Favor

    I urge you to fully fund the Arts Internship Program, beginning with these essential steps outlined in Item 51-IThis motion outlines key steps towards fully funding the LA County Department of Arts & Culture Arts Internship Program, which hires hundreds of students across the County for paid internships in arts and culture organizations. We ask that the County additionally consider laying forward a plan to increase the number of interns to 500, prioritizing the development of a more inclusive creative sector. 

  4. ITEM: 51-K
    POSITION: Other

    I urge you to explicitly allocate $25 million to arts & culture small businesses and nonprofits impacted by COVID-19,
     from the $1.2 billion dollars of federal funding to be distributed via the Coronavirus Relief Fund Spending Plan (Item 51-K). It is critical that some this money be directed specifically to our arts and culture workforce and organizations; while we understand the need for expedient action to address the epidemic, but want to take this opportunity to express our concern that the drivers of LA County's creative economy & willing solution-partners in a just, equitable recovery are not included in the current plan. 

In 2018 alone, the creative sector generated over $203 billion dollars for LA County's creative economy. It is estimated that over the course of this pandemic, 50% of small businesses will struggle to keep their doors open - including a disproportionate number of arts & culture organizations. Across California, elected officials are recognizing the importance of the creative sector and investing CARES Act Funding in the creative communities that contribute so much. We must take swift, decisive action to help the arts & culture organizations that make LA County the creative capital of the world and are currently fighting to stay alive.

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  1. Click this link to access the online form. 

  2. Fill out your first and last name. 

  3. Click on items 51-C, 51-D, 5-I and 51-K. A box for comments will appear underneath each item once you click the number. 

  4. Click

    • "SUPPORT for Item 51-C,
    • "SUPPORT" for Item 51-D,
    • "SUPPORT" for Item 51-I, 
    • "OTHER" for Item 51-K.
  5. Copy and paste the your comment into all of the boxes that pop up - feel free to use the above sample text. 

  6. Enter the visual code at the bottom of the page and then click “next”. 

  7. Follow the prompts once finished.


Download this image to the left, and pair it with the language and link below, or add your own! 

Sample post language: Arts + culture must be included in any @LACountyBOS plan to spend $1.2 billion of CARES Act funds. Show us a plan that invests in cultural equity and a #HealthyLA! #ArtIsEssential #CreativityInCrisis


Item 51-C: Reimagining Los Angeles County: Shifting Budget Priorities to Revitalize Under-resourced and Low-income Communities

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Item 51-D: Paving the Road Towards Economic Recovery in Los Angeles County

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Item 5-I: Maintain Arts Internship Program Funding

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Item 51-K: Coronavirus Relief Fund Spending Plan

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Thank you for your advocacy!