Laura Zucker Fellowship



Named in honor of Laura Zucker on the occasion of her retirement from her 25-year tenure as Executive Director of the Los Angeles County Arts Commission, the Laura Zucker Fellowship for Policy and Research is the first ever fellowship for individuals to effect change at the regional level focused on arts and cultural policy development/reform/implementation in Los Angeles County and the accompanying research necessary to inform such policies. 

Applications for the 2021 Fellowship have closed.

Become a Fellow

Apply to become the 2021 Laura Zucker Fellow for Policy & Research.

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About the Fellowship

The purpose, history, benefits, guidelines and eligibility, and expectations of the Laura Zucker Fellowship for Policy and Research.

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A Message from Laura

Meet Laura Zucker, the visionary leader, advocate, and self-proclaimed "cultural policy wonk" whose decades-long commitment to the arts and cultural sector of Los Angeles inspired the Fellowship.

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2020 Fellow

Meet Nahal Jalali, the 2020 Laura Zucker Fellow, and look out for her report on integrating artists as innovators within government. Hear a preview of her research at the 2020 State of the Arts Summit.  

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2019 Fellow

Meet Allison Agsten, the 2019 Laura Zucker Fellow, and look out for her report on affordable spaces for artists and arts organizations which will be published on November 1st. 

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2018 Fellow

Meet Addy Gonzalez Renteria, the inaugural Laura Zucker Fellow, and read her report on the preservation of arts & cultural resources through planning mechanisms.

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