Become a Fellow



Candidates will be notified of their application status in accordance with the 2021 Fellowship timeline:


  • 06/15/21 - 2021 Fellowship Application Opens
  • 07/18/21 - Fellowship Application Closes
  • 08/06/21 - Selected Fellow notified (via email)
  • 08/16/21 - Fellowship begins
  • 11/08/21 - Fellowship ends* 

2021 Proposal Guidelines: 

Each year, Arts for LA invites research proposals that will inform the creation of policy proposals and/or advocacy initiatives in line with our policy pillars and aimed at building a more just, equitable arts & culture sector in the LA region.

Arts for LA's four policy pillars are:

  • Resources & Capital
  • Affordable Spaces for Artists
  • Creative Career Pathways
  • Equitable Arts Education

Applicants will choose of the following topics to explore during the Laura Zucker Fellowship:

  • Resources & Capital. Investigation of the intersection of the arts & the solidarity economy, including inquiry into how the creative sector might embrace models such as worker cooperatives, guaranteed basic income, and/or the impact of participatory budgeting on public funding for the arts.
  • Affordable Spaces for Artists. Exploration of the intersection of the community land trust movement, the LA region’s affordability crisis, and arts & culture.
  • Creative Career Pathways. According to the 2020 LA Artist Census, roughly 95% of respondents earned less than an LA County living wage through their art practice in 2019. Furthermore LA artists, disproportionately BIPOC, trans-non binary, with disabilities, queer identifying artists, went without basic necessities due to funds. Research into the role of government or community-based arts organizations in supporting BIPOC youth entering the creative workforce and/or the commercial film & entertainment industries.
  • Equitable Arts Education. A recent survey of California students by the ACLU of Southern California found that 32% of students who were not receiving mental health services prior to the pandemic feel that they may now require mental health support. Research identifying and articulating the role of arts instruction in supporting mental health of youth and young adults.

NOTE: Alternative proposals - not directly addressing the above prompts - will be considered so long as they still clearly state and address one of Arts for LA's four main policy pillars.

Your proposal should include:

  • The questions you would like to answer through your research
  • A descriptive title for the proposed project
  • A succinct explanation of why you are drawn to this topic
  • A strategy for how you will tackle answering the associated questions (ex. Literature review, fieldwork, interviews, data collection, analysis of existing databases, etc.)
  • A timeline for your work (note: the research phase and Fellowship should not exceed 12 calendar weeks, ending no later than November 8, 2021.)
  • A description of relevant metrics and specific deliverables (ex. Written reports, databases, draft policy recommendations, infographics, etc.) you envision producing during your tenure as Fellow.

If you have any questions or would like additional information, please contact Aubrey Farkas Harris, at [email protected].


  • Live or work in Los Angeles County.
  • Recently graduated from a masters or doctoral program in Public Affairs, Public Policy, Arts Management/ Administration or related fields, OR have a minimum of 5 years experience working as an artist , in arts administration, arts education, public affairs, or a related field.
  • Demonstrated interest in OR experience conducting research and/ or crafting public policy pertaining to arts and culture or arts education.
  • Be able to commit to approximately 20 work-hours per week for a 3-month (12-week) period (to be completed no later than November 8, 2021).
  • Lived experience may be considered as a substitute for the qualifications listed above. Otherwise qualified applicants will be considered, as Arts for LA will pair fellows with with a mentor to guide the research process