LCFF and A Complete Education that Includes the Arts

LCFF and A Complete Education that Includes the Arts

The Role of the Arts in Local Control Funding Formula Priority Areas

As Talia Gibas explains in the her LCFF overview video, arts education is uniquely effective in helping schools to achieve success in all eight of the LCFF Priority Areas.  Because arts education is a critical component of a complete education for all students, school districts can take the opportunity provided by LCFF to invest in arts education opportunities as part of its overall plan to achieve its goals in each priority area.

The chart below lists these 8 prioritiy areas.  According to information from the California Alliance for Arts Education, the arts can help districts achieve their established goals within these priority areas.

Chart: LCFF priority areas

For more information, check out the California Alliance for Arts Education's Leave Behind.  Intended for board of education members and school district leadership, it will help you articulate the connection between arts education outcomes and LCFF priority areas, linking you to the scientific research supporting this claim.  You can also print out and take Arts for LA's Action Brief to share with friends and other parents.

Photo: CAAE Leave Behind  Photo: LCFF Action Brief

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