Lead Visual Artist

LA Commons

Los Angeles, CA

A project of LA Commons, Community Health Councils, Community Coalition, UMMA and Fremont High School

LA Commons seeks lead artists for a project beginning late January 2022. LA Commons develops artistic and cultural projects that reveal the unique stories of L.A.’s Neighborhoods and engage visitors through cultural tours. LA Commons is partnering with Community Health Council, community members, local organizations and students from Fremont High School to raise the community visibility and activation of the wellness center, community garden and community members work to create a Healthy Culture Hub surrounding Fremont HS.

The goal for the Art Project is to implement an artistic approach to strengthening Fremont Healthy Culture Hub awareness among students, and broader community through a high visibility art installation. Lead artist will direct a team of youth (ages 15-25 years) to collect stories from the community, and design impactful art that will be painted and installed on the fence- possible materials include wood or metal dibond.

Three major interventions include: 1) a story summit and/or virtual story circles to gather stories from the community; 2) transformation of these stories into final art designs by professional & youth artists, and 3) engagement of Fremont High students in making art.

The Role the Artist/Designers in this project will be:

- To participate in the story/image gathering process with the community and community arts team.
- To mentor Core Youth Arts Team to further youth in the development of skills in image making and design through weekly workshops
- To complete art approvals process and create final artworks based on youth designs and community images gathered
- To attend the Opening Celebration

Project Timeline

Project will begin late January 2022 and complete by late May and take place at Fremont High School and other local venues.

Artist Qualifications

Experience in visual and public arts
Experience working with youth and community
Connection to South LA
Interest and experience in a collaborative art process


Lead Artist $3500 payable at beginning, middle and end of the project

Associate Artist $2500 payable at beginning, middle and end of the project


To Apply: https://forms.gle/6AGcQwrtfvrchvzy7

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