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    Arts for LA is the only organization that advocates for arts and culture across disciplines and across sectors, 24/7. We work to ensure they are seen as absolutely essential to the health of our region. Arts for LA is building a movement – a network of individuals and organizations united for advocating for access to the arts, arts equity, and arts funding – of which our members are the key benefactors.

    Individual members help to grow the Arts for LA family of an activated community and network, providing critical opportunities to connect through events, programs, and an online employment and artist opportunity directory. 

    Your membership support is critical for Arts for LA to deepen this movement and its impact, ensuring arts and culture are perceived as vital for a healthy and rich Los Angeles County.

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    Engage in the movement by supporting annual public programs, building a platform for arts activists to connect with our communities about the impact of the arts and arts intersection! 

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    Your commitment keeps the ACTIVATE community thriving by supporting professional development and networking events! 

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    Your contribution to the movement supports the Arts for LA mission by providing the funding necessary to keep us active in the community. Your membership supports advocacy training, community engagement, cutting edge research, and more! 

    • Arts Delegate Level Benefits
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    Arts for LA organizational members are cross-discipline, and cross-sector, and are deeply invested and embedded in the arts and culture of LA County. Your organization could be a key partner in developing this movement: engineering, enacting, and embodying the Arts for LA public policy agenda. 



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    Every dollar you contribute is an investment in the arts and culture ecology of Los Angeles County. Now is the time to renew your membership to Arts for LA, and renew your commitment to arts access in Los Angeles!

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    We advocate for policies that value the arts and artists, and that promote a thriving Los Angeles region. Arts for LA represents the politics of arts, strengthening grassroots leadership and leaders, and ensuring that your interests are part of all policy discussions that affect our communities, neighborhoods, artists, and the arts sector. We are the regions only unified voice for the arts, and we build and contribute to coalitions working to protect and promote creative career pathways, equitable arts education, arts funding, and affordable spaces for artists and arts organizations. 

    Your donation helps us to keep you informed, activated, and ready to be mobilized to stem the tide of whatever is to come. As our region continues to re-open and rebuild, we will not stop fighting for you, on the frontline of both arts issues and social issues that can be transformed by the arts. We need your support at this crucial moment.

    If you would rather donate via mail, please send a check (payable to Arts for LA) to Gustavo Herrera, Arts for LA, PO Box 4099, West Covina, CA 91791.

    All donations made to Arts for LA are tax deductible. Arts for LA Tax-ID Number: 20-2797313.