Lightscape Show at the LA Arboretum

Culture Creative Limited

Los Angeles, CA

Alongside Sony Music, Culture Creative has just completed its eighth successful year of illuminated trails in the UK and second year in the USA. The trails are illuminated, after-dark, approximately a mile-long and take place in winter, in the grounds of heritage and landscape venues.

Timed entry slots manage a steady flow of visitors. Typically the trail takes approximately 1hr 30mins to walk plus additional dwell time. The trail routes work in a one-way circular route, with catering and retail hubs, mainly at the entrance, near the box office, and positioned along the trail.

The work included in the trail will mix new and existing work by international and local artists and a color treatment of the landscape. It will also include sound, smell, and interactivity to appeal to all the senses, enhanced by seasonal food and beverage offerings along the route.

In 2020 our Lightscape trail in Chicago went ahead as planned. Audience numbers were reduced to enable social distancing and no interactive installations were included. In 2021 we hope to be able to include interactive work, and work that can be physically touched however, artists will need to be flexible with submissions and be able to explain how their work can be adapted to meet COVID compliant regulations, should this be required.

Culture Creative is looking to commission works as part of this curated trail that will be embedded in the gardens' stories, narrative, and history. The installations will represent the special areas of the gardens and the people that have worked in them. The work can look back at a garden's historical perspective or use stories from the past to inspire a work that looks at the garden's future or the garden's wider work.

Although informative, embedded in the gardens both physically and figuratively, the trail must be light-hearted and accessible in presentation. All work must have an excellent daytime aesthetic. Visitor attractions must maintain their quality of the daytime visit and a significant night-time impact that changes it for the paying night-time audience.

Timeline: June 4, 2021 - January 2022
Budget: We don’t want to constrain commissions at this stage, but are happy to advise that individual commissions may range from $5k to $30k for these pieces and that each proposal/commission is appraised on its merits. The decision made during the commissioning process is final. The event will support the installation's technical installation, such as power, shipping, etc., but the artist must develop the costs for the work's creation.
Email [email protected] for the full documents outlining the project. There is a link to submit your proposal in these documents.

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