Local Control Funding Formula

16450400020_30618a58a1_m.jpgIn 2013 California adopted the Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF), an unprecedented shift in state support for education that links funding levels to student need and empowers school districts to set goals that fulfill broad priorities including student engagement, school climate, parent involvement, and a broad course of study.  As a result of this new policy, all school districts created a three-year Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP) that describes how they will support students over the next three years. Arts for LA and the LA County Arts Commission conducted a scan of LCAPs written by the 81 school districts in LA County to determine if and how the arts were included. This scan is particularly timely as school districts are in the process of considering changes and additions to their LCAPs in advance of submitting an Annual Update for approval by the County.

 To download the LCAP 2014-15 Review, click here.


Arts for LA, Arts for All, and the California Alliance for Arts Education collaborated to develop an LCAP Template that offers concrete examples of how districts can implement arts education strategies to improve student outcomes. 

To download the template, click here.


5_Examples_of_Arts_Ed_in_District_LCAPS_cover_0.jpgThe California Alliance has created a set of materials and trainings to empower advocates to contribute to these important conversations, educating officials about the benefits of arts education. Including this “5 Examples of Arts Education in District LCAPs” to show how different districts in California wrote the arts in their plans. 

For more information on this document, visit: www.artsed411.org/LCFF

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Arts for All
In September 2002, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors adopted Arts for All: Los Angeles County Blueprint for Arts Education, a strategic plan to restore arts education in dance, music, theatre, and the visual arts to the 1.7 million students in Los Angeles County’s 81 school districts.

Arts for All Resources & Program Directory
Resources for schools and communities from Arts for All, Los Angeles County Blueprint for Arts Education.

California Visual & Performing Arts Standards (PDF)
Arts are a core subject in California. This PDF outlines the VAPA content standards designed to encourage the highest achievement of every student, and define the knowledge, concepts, and skills that students should acquire at each grade level.

Arts Education Partnership: California State Policy Database Results
Arts Education Partnership has reports on the arts education policy in every state.  The link above outlines California's arts-related graduation requirements and licensure processes for teachers.

SMARTS Resources
SMARTS is California State PTA’s program to encourage arts education. The site contains resources such as the Insider’s Guide to Arts Education Planning.

The Qualities of Quality: Understanding Excellence in Arts Education (PDF)
The seminal research study on achieving and sustaining quality arts education, authored by Steve Seidel, Shari Tishman, Ellen Winner, Lois Hetland and Patricia Palmer for Harvard’s Project Zero.

ArtsEdge from the Kennedy Center
Arts lesson plans for teachers, a research directory, and an Advocacy Essentials section for arts educators.

Arts Education Blog List
Compiled by The Art Masters, this page compiles 50 blogs on teaching artistry, arts education, and organizations offering arts learning for students.

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