Are You Ready To Vote?

6 questions every Arts Voter should be asking.







Do I know where I'm voting on March 3?

How and where you vote in L.A. County is different this year. Voters have 11 days to vote at ANY vote center within the County - instead of one day at a single polling place. Check out your options and find the Vote Center location that is most convenient for you.



How will my school board candidates fight for arts education?

California Education Code mandates that every student have access to music, art, dance, and theater every year they are in school. School board members have the power to enforce the law. On March 3, school board elections will be held in LAUSD, Garvey Unified School District, and Arcadia School District. If you live in one of these areas, look up your local candidates here and ask them where they stand! [Open the PDF and search (Ctrl + F) your school district by its full name, ie “Arcadia School District.”]



How will my city council candidates champion the arts in my community?

LA County comes in at 297th in the nation in public funding for arts and culture - small and midsize organizations in particular struggle to access the funding necessary to keep their doors open, yet they are a vital resource for our communities. Look up your local city council candidates here and ask them how they plan to support local arts & culture programming!



How do my California State Senate & Assembly candidates plan to champion the arts?

Assembly Members have called for a $20 million investment in small budget arts organizations. Look up your State Assembly & Senate candidates here and ask them what they’ll do to ensure California’s creative sector continues to thrive.






Seriously, do I know where I’m voting?

Most Voting Centers open on Saturday, Feb. 22 so you can cast your ballot in advance of March 3. However, the polling place you’ve gone to in years past might no longer be an option. Check out this video for more information.






How will my candidates for County Supervisor fight for arts and culture for all? 

LA County Supervisors have the power to fully fund our creative communities. Look up your candidates for County Supervisor and ask them what they’ll do to fight for every Angeleno's right to arts + culture. Candidates are listed on pg. 145 of this doc:



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