City: San Dimas
Position Seeking: City Council

Question 1: Please share a meaningful experience you had with art (visual, dance, drama, music, media arts) while growing up and its impact on you.

As a student art was my best subject. Due to several great teachers, classes and encouragements form these I chose commercial art and fine arts as a profession. I have been blessed to be able to make the love of art part of my life. Not everyone is to be a doctor or a lawyer. I hope I have added purpose and beauty to things I have touched through my artistic abilities.

Question 2: What do you believe the role of City Council should be in developing and supporting the region’s arts and cultural infrastructure?

Supporting the ARTS in a community is important to the teaching of the young and old, and to the enjoyment of others. I could be in favor of promoting more good programs in my community.

Question 3: What’s your vision for the city? What role, if any, does art and culture play in advancing that vision?

The City of San Dimas through the San Dimas Festival of Arts has seven beautiful designated finished art projects around town. The city hall is decorated with wonderful paintings that are visited daily. San Dimas High School has a wonderful new state of the arts auditorium. All of these I hope will continue to expand to promote the arts in our community.

Questions 4: A recent report by the Otis College of Design found that 1 in every 6 jobs in LA County supports the creative sector and economy in Los Angeles County. If elected, how will you aim to ensure the continued vitality and growth of the creative economy and the artistic community that it supports?

When issues for the arts come to my city I would give it 100% of my attention to assess the value. We have several programs in the city of San Dimas now and as a private citizen I have supported them with donations and volunteer time. I will continue to do so.