Marisol Cruz

District: Lennox
Position Seeking: Governing Board Member

Question 1: Please share a meaningful experience you had with art (visual, dance, drama, music, media arts) while growing up.

I didn’t have many art opportunities presented to me but took advantage of the few that came my way. In the third grade my teacher started an art club. That’s where I first saw a color wheel illustrating how the primary colors make the colors of the rainbow. When I learned that you can mix colors to make NEW colors I was hooked and fascinated. My involvement in the art club motivated me and kept me engaged. I also took a high school drama class where I enjoyed being on stage and using my imagination… My favorite was improvisation!

Question 2: What kind of creative solutions would you suggest to support student outcomes such as English language development, closing the achievement gap, and preparation for college and/or meaningful careers?

Invest in existing arts programs and encourage local hire. Currently, I am the Co-Chair of the Lennox Arts & Cultural committee and work closely with an art collective by the name of Vomito Local. We create opportunities to take the arts to the streets and into our homes. There is much talent and potential that needs to be showcased for the world to see who we really are as Lennox residents.

Question 3: What do you think should be the role of the School Board in ensuring that students have access to a broad range of study?

I come from a generation that willed itself to survive with a do-or-die attitude. Many of us had to fend for ourselves in and out of school because our parents had to work from sun-up to sun-down to put food on the table and a roof over our heads. My peers are now parents and we want the best for our children. We live our lives within a one-mile radius as we wait for the world to witness the beauty of who we are as people.

Question 4: In light of the Local Control Funding Formula and development of district Local Control Accountability Plans (LCAPs), what are your creative solutions for achieving goals in the eight priority areas?

We must prepare our children to succeed academically in order to compete in a global economy. And that picture includes investing in the arts. A solution would be parental participation to guarantee that our students receive the quality education they deserve. In my previous role as School Board President, I leverage my position to bring resources and opportunities through the Lennox Arts and Culture Committee and this time around it will be through the Local Control Accountability Plan.