Membership Coordinator and Office Assistant

California Art Club


Job Summary: Reporting to the Chief Operating Officer, the Membership
Coordinator and Office Assistant will manage all membership-related
functions of the Club, including overseeing the annual Artist jurying
process and the Mentor Member program, and provide high-level
administrative help to all staff, and provide excellent “customer
service” to all members and potential members of the Club.

Overarching Goals and Values for All CAC Staff

All California Art Club staff are responsible for contributing their
talents to ensure the following are performed effectively during the
year: Community Outreach and Education, Fund Development to meet the
needs of the California Art Club, Membership Growth and Development
and Adherence to Budgets. All staff will provide support to the CAC
Annual Gold Medal Event.

All California Art Club staff members are expected to demonstrate the
following values in their work: focus on excellence and results;
enthusiastic support of the mission of the California Art Club;
constant improvement; teamwork; and outstanding customer service.

It is our goal that all team members will be reviewed annually. The
California Art Club is a dynamic organization. Individual goals and
responsibilities for each coming year should be outlined cooperatively
with your supervisor.



·        In collaboration with the Chief Operating Officer, establish
annual goals for membership revenue, and work to ensure those goals
are met

·        Thoughtfully support the system for processing all membership
paperwork, tracking new members, renewing members, and reviewing
lapsed members

·        Maintain current member benefits information

·        Maintain and update member database

·        Maintain and update artist member profiles on website

·        Mail new member packets/information

·        Organize and facilitate the Annual Artist Jury

·        Support the Membership Committee, specifically by providing
staff support for their activities such as phone calling lapsed

·        Make membership renewal phone calls

·        Provide staff support to Associate Artist Committee members
in their making of “welcome” calls to all new AA members

·        Provide timely reports to renew/welcome new members

·        Work collaboratively with other staff members to identify
opportunities for member recruitment through programs and other

·        Regularly connect with the Finance Director to ensure that
membership information is accurate

·        Review member income quarterly

·        Regularly update membership and revenue tracking spreadsheet

·        Work with other staff to devise strategies to meet member goals

Mentor Program

·        Work to build and support the Mentor Program

·        Reach out to local art colleges to encourage involvement in
CAC programs

Customer Service

·        Answer telephone questions and inquiries from members and
nonmembers about membership, exhibition information, etc.

·        Take RSVPs and payment for CAC events

·        Update appropriate spreadsheets and lists

·        Take orders for books and artwork

·        Greet guests at events, taking payments

·        Encourage potential members on the telephone and in person to
join the CAC

·        Share upcoming event information on the telephone and in
person with members and potential members

Mailing Support

·        Package and ship book and other merchandise purchases

·        Assist with mass mailings (for renewals, invitations,
exhibitions, etc.)

·        Work with Exhibition Coordinator to send out mass acceptance
and rejection letter mailings

·        Assist as needed with Development mailings

·        Pull list from Spinnsoft and edit for quarterly printed Newsletter


·        Create labels and nametags for CAC events (both sticky and
clip-on style badges)

·        Put together materials to take to events (newsletters,
postcards, fliers, etc.)

·        Assist with creating Constant Contact e-blast event drafts


·        Take the minutes at the Board of Directors meetings and the
Joint Executive and Finance Committee meetings

·        Create weekly financial packets and send to Finance Director
(packet includes Check Deposit Report and Credit Card Transaction

·        Tidy up the office and keep storage closets neat and accessible

·        Check supplies for low quantities and need for reorder

·        Assist with in-house functions such as luncheons in the
Library, Board meetings and the like

Exhibition Support

·        Assist Exhibition Coordinator with variety of
exhibition-related administrative functions including:

o   Keeping Spinnsoft updated with affiliations for exhibitions

o   Creating, merging, and constructing nametags for exhibition-related events

o   Updating Spinnsoft database with all artwork information for exhibitions

o   Throughout exhibition, updating sales information

o   Taking down and putting up exhibitions at Altadena Town & Country Club

·        For Gold Medal specifically:

o   Contacting all accepted artists to collect biographical
information, artist statements, and hi-res bio photos for catalogue

o   Assist in the editing of the catalogue


·        Excellent written and oral communication skills

·        Attentive, persistent, and flexible

·        Ability to work within a team to coordinate projects

·        Appropriately plan, prioritize, and coordinate multiple projects

·        Advanced computer and internet research skills

·        Excellent interpersonal skills with the ability to liaise
comfortably at all levels and initiate and nurture good working

·        Quick problem-solving skills

·        Excellent organizational skills with the ability to
prioritize numerous tasks

·        Commitment to the mission, vision, and priorities of the
California Art Club

·        Desire and ability to work effectively with people of diverse
races, ethnicities, ages, and sexual orientations in a multicultural


Education and experience:

·        BA degree

·        Willingness to work in and be a positive contributor to a
small office environment

Send Resume and Cover Letter to:

Chief Operating Officer,
Cathy Crowser

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