School District: LAUSD – District 2

Position Seeking: Board Member

Question 1: Please share a meaningful experience you had with art (visual, dance, drama, music, media arts) while growing up and its impact on you.

My mother was radical. She wanted her daughters to experience all the joys of living. As the second of 4 daughters this meant that I got to dance class at the age of 3 since my older sister was 5. Dance and performance was challenging for me. While my sister enjoyed the spotlight and natural grace, I was a struggling shy and coordination challenged performer.

Dance class built courage, self-reliance (Mr. Timmons did not allow my mom to comfort me) and the skill of overcoming a challenge. It also gave me an amazing memory of achievement of performing Candy Duck on stage in a fancy but uncomfortable tutu.

Arts help all children build their self-expression, confidence and understanding of themselves & their world. Thank you Mr. Timmons & all who create the path.

Question 2: How can arts education support student outcomes such as English language development, reducing the achievement gap, and preparing youth for college and/or meaningful careers?

I believe that arts play a critical role in helping students improving outcomes. I believe that the effective integration of art allows for improving language development through writing and discussions of meaning when it comes to particular pieces of work. In addition, conversations about art help with vocabulary building. I find that like linked learning, arts can be used to inspire and motivate students to see beyond the theoretical and sometimes unappetizing aspects of learning many subject matters.

Question 3: What do you think the role of the School Board should be in ensuring that students have continued access to a broad range of study subjects, including the arts (broadly defined)?

I believe our role is to support and encourage the use of arts for the above-mentioned reasons. It is helpful for us to understand which approaches are best practice, which vendors produce the most effective results in using art in a way that simultaneously motivates learning and achieving. In doing so, we can be better advocates of specific relationships with providers that help our goals of graduation and providing more students well roundedness strength in the arts.

Question 4: Do you see a role for arts education in the development of district Local Control Accountability Plans (LCAPs)? If so, how would you hope to use arts education to advance the eight priority areas identified in the LCAP template?

I see an opportunity for the template to give space to have districts articulate a plan or approach on how they are achieving the above mentioned. Without proper planning and an articulation of goals and parameters for success it is difficult for there to be an organized strategy on what deliverables will come about from the students and reported back in a thoughtful way by LEA’s. There is a need for more parameters that would better inform the template and create a profile for what districts in California are doing with arts education being. Other districts can see those models and begin to take on similar strategies.