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Congratulations on your decision to seek elected office in your municipality!

We appreciate that your work as a civic leader will have a significant impact on the lives of residents and your city for years to come.

Arts for LA activates artists and organizations, and leads communities to advocate for an equitable, healthy and creative Los Angeles region. This November 2018, Arts Advocates are ready to activate their #ArtsVote Power!

Our Arts Advocates represent influential groups of arts professionals, educators, parents, and students who are very interested in having you start and/or continue to champion a dialogue on the role and impact of arts and culture in your community as well as across the greater Los Angeles region.

Given that 96% of arts supporters are also active voters, we encourage you to develop and arts and cultural platform and determine what your vision for the arts and cultural landscape of your community looks like.



A city’s cultural policy refers to “government actions, laws, and programs that regulate, protect, encourage, and financially support activities related to the arts and creative sectors, such as painting, sculpture, music, dance, literature, and filmmaking, among others and culture, which may involve activities related to language, heritage and diversity.”

Study after study has shown that cities/ municipalities that adopt culture as an industry have gained positive economic benefits for their communities by creating interconnections between arts and business.

Arts and culture-based businesses and organizations:

  • Provide direct economic benefits
  • Create job growth in the cultural sector, expanding the sector as a whole
  • Improve the ability of urban centers to attract skilled workers
  • Spawn “spin-off” businesses, fortifying and diversifying the original initiatives’ strengths
  • Help foster creative cities and communities
  • Promote and enhance cultural development
  • Help a community distinguish itself based on strong identities, cultures, arts and crafts, etc.
  • Help a community gain a competitive advantage as a “destination city” for cultural tourism
  • Can lead to subsequent economic regeneration through urban revitalization1

In Los Angeles County:

The creative industries make a significant contribution to employment and economic growth in the Los Angeles region. They also foster innovation and encourage spillover effects that create opportunities for other industries. The region’s creative industries help move the economy forward by attracting investment, tourism, consumer spending, and by generating tax revenues. In our postindustrial society, activities based on creativity and culture is an essential component of a robust economy.2

  • ONE out of SEVEN jobs is generated by/ linked to the creative industries
  • Creative industries generate 792,600 JOBS and $59.6 BILLION in labor income
  • 457,600 WORKERS are employed directly in creative occupations
  • Out of 76 creative occupations, 69 pay a median annual wage greater than the countywide median ($38,224)2

As a local leader, you can be an agent for local change.


  • What three things would you do to deepen the City's investment in its creative economy (cultural tourism, in-direct and direct jobs, nonprofit and for profit)?
  • How would you champion modifications to, or expansion of the City's current funding stream for local arts and culture? 
  • What do you believe the role of the Mayor/ City Council should be in the development and support of the region's cultural infrastructure? 
  • How would you support the County's Cultural Equity & Inclusion Initiative3, which is aimed at increasing representation, diversity, and access to the arts for all people?



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  2. 2018 Otis Report on the Creative Economy Otis College of Art and Design, 2018
  3. Los Angeles County Cultural Equity & Inclusion Initiative2017

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