Music Specialist

Los Feliz Charter School for the Arts

Los Feliz, CA


Title: Music Specialist

Reports to: Arts Integration Director

The Los Feliz Charter School for the Arts (LFCSA) is a non profit, public elementary school with an emphasis in project based learning in and through the arts. Recognizing the need for quality elementary education extends well beyond the student population we serve, LFCSA endeavors to become a model school and training facility for best practices in arts integrated education and professional development.

Our LFCSA Music Specialist is an individual committed to the arts, child centered learning, and learning in and through the arts. Their passion for music is infectious and their ability to dream big and creatively sets them apart. In order to thrive in and contribute to our learning community this individual must be an excellent communicator, a flexible and resourceful problem-solver, a lifelong learner, a deep critical thinker, and very comfortable with interdisciplinary collaboration. This individual’s personal and professional values are aligned with the School’s values and charter. Our Music Specialist works closely with our team of arts specialists and classroom teachers to advance and shape the school’s arts and arts integrated curricula. They will develop innovative, creative, high quality Music curriculum, events and projects that contribute to our school’s goal of becoming a model school and training facility for best practices in arts integrated education and professional development.

In addition, the individual is committed to the arts, child-centered learning, and fostering a collaborative and engaged learning environment. In order to thrive in and contribute to our learning community this individual must be an excellent communicator, a flexible and resourceful problem-solver, a life-long learner, a deep critical thinker, very comfortable with interdisciplinary collaboration, and able to support and develop leadership in others. This individual’s personal and professional values are aligned with the Charter School’s values and charter child-centered, constructivist, project based, arts integrated, family involvement, character education and service learning.


Required Qualifications:

  • A valid California Teaching Credential or be enrolled in a program
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Music, Music Education or related fields
  • Experience teaching at the elementary school level
  • Natural demeanor and interaction with students
  • Desire to integrate the arts and core subjects into the curriculum
  • Ability to adapt to and embrace an interdisciplinary curriculum
  • Willingness to devote personal time toward planning and professional development
  • Ability to exercise initiative and sound judgment
  • Educational vision and ability to motivate others towards educational success
  • Ability to foster effective relationships with a diverse community of students and their families
  • Ability to stimulate and organize parent involvement in the classroom
  • Creates an inclusive and positive environment within the classroom and community
  • Ability to collaborate within and across grade levels
  • Strong organizational and time management skills
  • Developed oral and written communication skills
  • Critical thinking and problem-solving skills
  • Classroom management and positive behavior intervention skills
  • Background and TB clearance

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Experience in music technology (GarageBand, Protools, Finale, etc.)

  • Modern band/guitar ensemble

  • Choral or singing ensemble direction

  • Bilingual - Spanish


  • Meets and instructs 20 classes (TK-5 grades) at the times designated, conveying knowledge of and enthusiasm for music as: a) an artistic discipline, b) a form of knowledge, c) a vehicle for the understanding of culture, history, and of disciplines beyond the arts, and d) a context for the training of identified values, interests, and attitudes within every learner

  • Creates a classroom environment conducive to effective critical learning and exploration while fostering values and attitudes outlined in the school’s charter.

  • Prepares for classes in a timely manner, and shows written evidence of preparation upon request of immediate supervisor, including unit plans, rubrics and assessments

  • Instructs, encourages, and expects students to follow standards of classroom behavior

  • Employs a variety of instructional techniques and instructional media, consistent with the needs and capabilities of the individuals or student groups involved, while guiding his/her planning and instruction using VAPA standards, Common Core Standards, and LFCSA’s curricula

  • Strives to implement by instruction and action the school’s mission and vision

  • Takes all necessary and reasonable precautions to protect students, equipment, materials, and facilities

  • Evaluates student progress, and grades students at the end of each trimester

  • Assists in making, upholding, and enforcing school rules, administrative regulations and board policy

  • Works to establish and maintain open lines of communication with all staff members, administration, students, parents and community partners for educational purposes

  • Attends and participates in all staff meetings, arts team meetings, and professional development sessions

  • Cooperates and collaborates with other members of the staff, arts team members, and supervisor in planning arts integrated curriculum, and in designing a music curriculum that integrates content areas beyond the arts

  • Selects and orders all instructional materials and supplies needed to implement the curriculum

  • Accepts an appropriate share of responsibility for co-curricular activities

  • Agrees to perform all teaching assignments made by the school in accordance with highest professional standards and to have and maintain all legal qualifications required to teach in the current assignment

  • Plans and implements the scope and sequence of the music curriculum for grades TK-5

  • Works with Arts Integration Director to identify and advance community partnerships programs, events, and/or residencies with organizations and individuals in the music and performing arts fields

  • Performs other tasks and assumes other responsibilities as the school administration or direct supervisor may assign

  • Maintains interest in current theory, research, and developments in the his/her area of specialization and applies this knowledge in the development of high quality, differentiated, constructivist, and process-based curriculum

  • Collaborates with colleagues to improve instruction, assessment, and student achievement for all students


Interested candidates can apply through the job posting on Edjoin: Click HERE to access.

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