194 LA County Arts Orgs Awarded $4.3 Million in Funding

Wed, 07/10/2013 - 3:33pm

Photo: LA County LogoThe Los Angeles County Arts Commission has announced $4,318,000 in two-year grants to 194 nonprofit arts organizations through its Organizational Grant Program (OGP). The current allocation represents a $200,000 increase in funding from the previous grant cycle and provides support to ensure arts organizations continue to provide cultural services to the diverse population that comprises Los Angeles County.

Grant amounts range from $3,500 to $214,400. Grantee organizations are spread throughout L.A. County with offices located in over 40 of the County's 88 municipalities. Over 80 knowledgeable panelists from the arts community, including artists, nonprofit arts administrators and members of the academic community, reviewed and scored the applications.

"These grants ensure that a wide variety of cultural services will continue to reach County residents," said Los Angeles County Arts Commission President Peter Lesnik. "Many organizations are receiving
funding to pay for salaries or job creation. This will positively impact the residents of Los Angeles County through increased job opportunities."

In response to the challenging economic climate that has impacted local arts organizations, for the last three grant cycles the Arts Commission approved a temporary guideline change that provided applicants with the flexibility to request support for their current critical needs, rather than require they request support for specific types of projects based on their budget size.

"We're grateful for the important role our Board of Supervisors played in sustaining jobs at hundreds of organizations through the grant program for the past several challenging years," said Laura Zucker,
Executive Director of the Arts Commission. "We are coming out of the recession with our region's arts ecology relatively intact and poised to move forward in innovative ways as exemplified by this year's grantees."

Additional facts and figures about the 2013-14 OGP grantees can be found below, along with an alphabetical list of current grantees. Detailed grant information is available at http://lacountyarts.org/1314grantees.html