Action Alert: Encourage Gov. Brown to Support Arts Education

Tue, 09/20/2011 (All day)

California Alliance for Arts EducationTake action today to encourage Governor Jerry Brown to stand up for arts education in California.  California Alliance for Arts Education has distributed an Action Alert regarding two bills, AB 1330 and SB 547.  The Governor may take action on these bills as early as this week. 

AB 1330 would decrease the number of students who receive the benefits of a complete education that includes the arts by changing the state's high school graduation requirements.  Read more and encourage Governor Brown to oppose this bill by clicking here.

SB 547 will encourage creativity and innovation in schools by broadening measures of student and school performance beyond test taking.  Read more and encourage Governor Brown to support this bill by clicking here.


Photo: A message to Governor Brown's corgi, Sutter, from the corgis of the California Alliance for Arts Education.

This is good intiative taken

This is good intiative taken by the governer, It will help to widen the scope of arts.


I am an educator for a long time and since I born I saw my dad is paying for different classes or taking courses in school and till age of 65 he was studying. That what I want for every one.

Lets think about a different ways to save money for education and try to educate people more and more to have a better future. Art is something that I think everyone has a little in their destiney so lets develop it and to me Art  in LA is really important bec. we can get better in it and shine in to it.

arts in our schools

As an educator in our public schools, I am glad to see a shift towards bringing the arts back into the public school.  The shift is now away from quality instruction in the arts as it was 10 years ago to make the general ed teacher teach do it all.  At least our schools now see that the arts should be taught. Now we need the funding to bring back the qualified teachers to teach it.  We, as general education teachers can only do so much, and have only limited materials to do it with.  We all have our strengths, but to expect us to teach it all is unreasonable.  Our students deserve the best, and we need to give them the tools to succeed.