Arts for LA Announces Partnership with KCET's Artbound

Arts for LA will contribute original content about Los Angeles County’s cultural politics, community arts, and related topics as part of a new partnership with Artbound (, KCET’s magazine of Southern California arts and culture.

“Our partnership with Artbound gives us a unique opportunity to reach tens of thousands of Los Angeles County readers and promote the value and impact of our arts and cultural resources with them,” says Danielle Brazell, executive director of Arts for LA.

Arts for LA contributions to Artbound will focus mainly on the interrelationship between arts and culture and a number of regional issues, ranging from gentrification and neighborhood cultural centers to tax revenue, private funding for the arts, and the role of arts and culture in Los Angeles County’s creative economy.

In addition to staff-crafted articles, Arts for LA will ask leaders throughout Los Angeles County to write about three ways arts and culture can and will serve as a regional leader to address a significant issue or problem facing our communities today.


Artbound’s online format allows new content to be added daily.  In addition, readers are encouraged to “like” their favorite articles and tweet them to their followers.  Each week, the most shared article goes up against an “editor’s choice” for reader voting.  The winning article is then converted into a segment for Artbound’s television version, which runs monthly on KCET.  The first episode premiered on August 16; it can be viewed online at

Other partners contributing to Artbound include 18th Street Arts Center, Boom magazine, Freewaves, Friends of Friends, Panther Productions, and popantipop.