Arts for LA to Contribute to CA Candidate Survey Project

Tue, 08/28/2012 - 9:00am

Arts for LA will share its annual school district candidate survey results with the California Alliance for Arts Education as part of that organization's statewide movement to get candidates to provide clarity on their arts education philosophies, priorities, and perspectives.

The surveys, which ask candidates to respond to five questions about their personal experiences with the arts, the role of arts education in student lives, and their take on their district's arts education plan, will be sent to all registered candidates in early September.  Arts for LA staff will stay in contact with candidate campaign staff to ensure the surveys are returned by every candidate who wants to weigh in on these issues.  Results will be posted to both Arts for LA's website and to the California Alliance for Arts Education's Candidate Survey Project website for review statewide.

Fall election surveys will include Santa Monica-Malibu USD and Alhambra USD.  Beginning in February, more surveys from Burbank USD (collected in partnership with Burbank Arts for All Foundation), Arcadia USD, Glendale USD, Los Angeles USD, Pasadena USD, and Redondo Beach USD will come on line as their elections draw near.

Since California’s budget crisis began, arts education programs have disappeared at an alarming rate. According to the Legislative Analyst’s Office, sixty percent of school districts surveyed cut arts programs and another twenty percent eliminated them altogether. School board members make the ultimate decision about the fate of all academic programs within their district, making it essential for voters who care about arts education to know each candidate's perspective on its value.
Advocates in over fifty California districts have signed on to work with California Alliance for Arts Education on the statewide project.  Other local and state partners include Arts Orange County, California Arts Advocates, California Arts Council, and the California PTA.

California Alliance for Arts Education will host a webinar for anyone interested in supportive the statewide initiative.  To get started, register for the “How-To-Survey-Candidates-in-Five-Easy-Steps” webinar on September 6, 2012, at 4 p.m. PST. Click here to register using Survey Monkey.  Arts for LA will be among the presenters for the webinar.

For more information on the candidate surveys, stay tuned to  Results are scheduled for publication on October 15, 2012.