Arts for LA Endorses Measure E

Tue, 05/25/2010 - 12:00pm

With the June 8th election just around the corner, Arts for LA is pleased to announce its endorsement of Measure E.  Since school districts in California receive approximately 75% of their funding from the state, an economic crisis like the one we’re in has a devastating impact on local districts, including LAUSD.  That’s why LAUSD has placed this emergency parcel tax on the June 8th ballot in an effort to close its unprecedented 640 million budget deficit.

If passed, the Measure will levy a limited parcel tax of $100 per year, which averages $8.33 per month, for four years on every parcel of taxable property within the school district. Low-income and persons 65 years of age or older are eligible for an exemption.  The measure will generate approximately $92.5 million in revenue each year for the next four years. Funds will preserve vital programs, including the elementary arts program.

At the top of Superintendent Cortines’ list of programs to be saved is the elementary arts program.  Approximately $15 million of the annual $92.5 million will be allocated to fully restore the 174 arts and music teachers that have been pink-slipped.  The rest of the funds will be used to save custodians, campus aides, counselors, nurses, psychologists, and senior high class size for core academic classes.  $27 million will be earmarked for individual schools to spend as they deem appropriate.

In recent weeks many organizations have endorsed Measure E.  Some of those organizations include

This is by far our most viable chance to save the entire elementary arts program for next year.

For more information about Measure E, visit LAUSD’s site here.  Steve Lopez also wrote an article in support of the measure recently, which you can find here.  To read an article in opposition to the measure, click here.  

Stay tuned for more resources on how you can get the word out about Measure E.