Arts for LA, LA County Arts Commission Mentioned in World Cities Culture Report

Mon, 12/09/2013 - 12:54pm

The Los Angeles County Arts Commission and Arts for LA have been identified as one of two major cultural organizations serving Los Angeles County by the World Cities Cultural Forum, an international body devoted to highlighting and exploring cultural policy and the impact of arts and culture around the world in order to compare information on a city-by-city basis.

Los Angeles is one of twenty-one international member cities to have a dedicated entry on the World Cities Culture Report, where a narrative entry describes the depth and breadth of arts in culture in the region.  Of Los Angeles County, the site says, "The major challenge that cultural policymakers face in Los Angeles is the fragmented nature of the region’s administration. The United States is a decentralised country in any case, without a formal national cultural policy, but Los Angeles is unusual even in the US. LA County consists of 88 municipalities (among them the City of Los Angeles itself, Beverley Hills, Santa Monica and West Hollywood), each of which is free to adopt their own approach. Twenty-four of the municipalities have a cultural affairs department or an arts commission, for instance. There are, however, a number of county-wide bodies to provide support and guidance. Two are particularly important: the Los Angeles County Arts Commission, which provides advice on cultural policy-making, and Arts for LA, a nonprofit advocacy organisation which aims to increase support for the arts in the County."

The report measures the breadth and variety of each city's arts and culture community through many lenses, including number of museums, number of bars and nightclubs, and percentage of foreign-born residents.  Los Angeles County, according to the report, has the highest number of film screens than any other member city.

This year's World Cities Culture Summit was held in Istanbul from November 13 through November 15.  The 2013 World Cities Culture Forum Report is available online.

Photo by Henry Salazar, courtesy Los Angeles County Arts Commission