Arts for LA Rolls Out #ArtsLA, Expands Social Media to Advance the Cause

Fri, 09/14/2012 - 9:09am

Arts for LA wants to empower social media users throughout Los Angeles County to contribute more swiftly and personally to our shared cause of arts, culture, and arts education in our region.

Users of platfoms like Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and Pinterest can tag their tweets, photos, posts, and pins with the hashtag "#artsLA" to tie their shared content to the larger arts and culture movement in Los Angeles County.  Hashtags, pioneered in the early days of  Internet chat programs, gained widespread use and popularity with the advent of Twitter. They facilitate grouping of messages, posts, and content by topic, location, or purpose and make them easier to find. 

Through hashtagging, Arts for LA hopes to gather a robust, community-sourced sense of the value of arts and culture to  residents and visitors in our region.

Arts for LA recently developed an expanded social media presence through these platforms to connect with more arts and culture lovers, share interesting photos and articles curated from across the web, and facilitate open dialog about arts, culture, and arts education.  While our presence on some platforms is still developing, we encourage supporters and members to connect with us and help us understand what content is most valuable to you. 

Our Tumblr blog features reposted content from the diverse and interesting blogs we're following from users and organizations throughout the county, while on Pinterest we're finding and pinning images we think further the case for arts education support, arts advocacy, and the Los Angeles County identity as seen through arts and culture.  We're also seeking out and posting art inspired by Los Angeles, so follow our boards.

All users of social media should consider which tools and platforms are best suited to their interests, skill level, and comfort level with online activity.  We thank everyone who participates in our social media activity whether it's through interaction, following, or our website feeds.  As always, Arts for LA encourages our supporters to use caution and good judgment in any activity they engage in online, including protecting personal information and recognizing scams.

Photo credit: Tweet Up by MDGovpics, on Flickr