Breaking News: Governor Brown Approves Increase for California Arts Council

Wed, 06/24/2015 - 3:00pm

Arts for LA applauds Governor Edmund G. Brown for signing into action the 2015-2016 state budget, which includes a whopping $7.1 million permanent funding increase for the California Arts Council (CAC). The CAC, a state agency, awards grants to nonprofit arts organizations across the state. Over the years, the CAC suffered severe underfunding from the state.  While there is much work to be done in garnering adequate support and funding for the arts – locally and across the state – this is a moment of celebration for elected officials who are leading the way towards restoring the budget and making investing in the arts a top priority. Stay tuned as arts budgets across the region are pending final approval. Arts for LA is preparing an in-depth budget briefing for our July newsletter.