CA Arts Council Funds Statewide Creative Economy Impact Report

Thu, 08/16/2012 - 11:14am

Otis College of Art and DesignThe California Arts Council wants to know more about how creative industry affects the state of California’s overall economy and will get its answers the annual Report on the Creative Economy of the Los Angeles Region expands to include the entire state.

"An in-depth analysis of the state's creative economy needs to be conducted to see exactly how it affects our state, and to plan for California's future,” said Craig Watson, director  of the California Arts Council.  “Expanding the Otis study to include the entire state will help guide public policy on the state and local level."

The report, coordinated annually by the Otis College of Art and Design using research collected by the Los Angeles County Economic Development Corporation, has been published each year since 2007.  Last year’s report, for example, determined creative industry is the fourth largest “industry cluster” (out of sixty-six) in Los Angeles County.  Together with Orange County’s creative economy, the region produces over $200 billion in total sales and receipts.

California’s full economy ranks as the eighth largest economy in the world, according to figures from the US Commerce Department and the World Bank.  With major national creative centers in Los Angeles and San Francisco and lively cultural activity statewide, it stands to reason the creative economy itself makes up a significant portion of the overall economy.

In Los Angeles, the entertainment sector accounted for only forty percent of the regional creative economy, according to 2011’s report.  Other significant contributors locally include the fashion industry, design firms, small creative entrepreneurial business, and the nonprofit arts sector.

To complete the statewide study, researchers will draw on data from the Western States Arts Federation and the Senate Office of Research. Grant funding will also create a planning team of experts to include economists, as well as leaders in business, public policy, and the arts. If proven feasible, the expanded report will include an in-depth analysis of California's creative economy as it relates to employment, revenues, tax effects, industry snapshots, the self-employed, the non-profit segment, and employment trends and forecasts.

“The creative sector serves as a direct stimulus for employment and revenues while attracting top talent and resources,” according to Otis President Samuel Hoi. “Otis expects the results of the expanded study to confirm the critical role of the arts and creativity in the advancement of California."

The most recent report from Otis on the creative economy can be found at Members of the media interested in the planning grant and proposed report may contact: Mary Beth Barber, Information Officer, at 916-322-6588 or [email protected].  For more information on the California Arts Council, please go to .

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