Cable Arts Network Ovation Seeks Viewer Support

Fri, 12/28/2012 - 8:02am

Photo: Ovation logoOn December 18, Time Warner Cable announced it would drop the arts-focused network Ovation from its lineup of channels due to Ovation’s poor performance among its customers.  According to coverage in the Los Angeles Times, Ovation is watched by less than one percent of Time Warner’s subscribers on any given day, but is available to seven million customers via the cable company.

Ovation, which reaches about 51 million viewers through subscription television, is the only network dedicated to providing access to the arts via television.  Its programming encompasses shows related to visual and performing art, film, and music and includes unique themes like the recent “Battle of the Nutcrackers,” in which a different version of The Nutcracker aired on Sundays throughout the holiday season.

Ovation is asking supporters to visit, where they can sign a petition asking Time Warner to reverse its decision.  “We hope that they will reconsider and we hope our viewers and fans will voice their concern about losing the only arts channel in the country,” Brad Samuels, Ovation’s executive vice president of content distribution told the Los Angeles Times.  The Keep Ovation petition gives viewers an opportunity to communicate with Time Warner directly.

At just six years old, Ovation is likely still building its audience.  As it is unique among other cable channels, it faces no competition in the television market to provide its programming.  With continued access to Time Warner’s customers, it’s likely Ovation will secure its niche among other networks, most of which are focused around highly specialized content areas.