Thu, 06/17/2010 - 12:30am

This morning, an open letter from the Campaign to Save Arts Education in LAUSD was published in the LA Times Business Section as a full-page advertisement.   

The letter is intended to raise awareness of LAUSD's proposed cuts to arts education among those in the County's business and professional sectors, and to reinforce the arts & cultural community's support of arts education.

Help leverage this moment by:
1. Spread the word by sharing the Times letter. Click here to view the letter on Arts for LA's website, and use the "Share" bar to circulate it via email, Facebook and Twitter.

2. Encourage
your friends and organizational networks to send a letter (or a second letter) to the LAUSD School Board and Superintendent Cortines.  Visit the LAUSD Action Center on our newly redesigned website to send a letter.

3. Send your own Letter to the Editor of the LA Times, encouraging the paper to continue reporting on arts education issues and/or providing your own opinion on the situation at LAUSD.  The talking points our Coalition has developed are as follows:

  • We applaud the leadership of LAUSD for its historic investment in arts education.
  • We sympathize with the difficult decisions District leadership faces in this economic climate.
  • The partial restoration of the elementary arts teachers is a positive step in the right direction.
  • We urge the District to identify resources to maintin the its arts education program.

Thank you for your continued commitment to arts and arts education throughout the Los Angeles region.