City Council Votes on Bridge Measure to Keep Cultural Centers Open


March 26, 2010


The Los Angeles City Council voted today to amend the Public Works Improvement Arts Program (known as "1% for Art") to provide temporary, emergency funding for city Arts Centers.  This 24-month measure is intended to be a bridge solution to keep the Centers open during the current fiscal crisis.

The Councilmembers said they were "really upset" that the Centers were to be closed, and voted unanimously to temporarily allocate some funding from 1% developer fees for public art to ensure the Cultural Centers originally slated for closure remain open to continue serving communities throughout the city.

Responding to concern from Coucilmembers without arts centers in their districts, the Council decided to follow up this measure with alterations to fit the needs of districts currently without their own centers.

Councilman Reyes feels that this is a 24-month bridge to save the centers, but the integrity of the Public Art ordinance must remain intact.  Arts for LA applauds the Arts, Parks, Health & Aging community for its leadership in identifying a strategic solution to this crisis.