Contribute to the C.A.C. with Your State Taxes

Fri, 01/20/2012 (All day)

California Arts Council Tax Check OffDuring this tax season, an easy way to support the arts in California is to contribute to the Arts Council Fund while filing your annual state tax return.  By choosing the voluntary contributions section and selecting the Arts Council Fund, individuals can allocate a donation to assist the implementation of arts education and equal-access programming spearheaded by the California Art Council.  In order for this opportunity to continue beyond this year, the fund must generate $250,000 in contributions.  Last year, the fund raised just over $160,000.   Be sure to let your accountant know you want to contribute or check the box when doing your own taxes.  Together, we can maintain this revenue stream for the California Arts Council. 

These contributions are tax-deductible and will not be allocated towards administrative overhead, so your dollars will directly aid effective arts programming.  An example of a California Arts Council program is  the “Artists in Schools” program, where professional artists are sponsored to teach children in K-12 classrooms.  The “Arts and Accessibility” program seeks to increase access to the arts while providing assistance to people with disabilities. The “Creating Public Value” program provides grants for small arts organizations in underserved and rural areas to stimulate cultural development.

The Arts Council Fund was added to the “tax check off” section on California tax forms in 2010 form and this option has raised $160,000 during the 2011 tax year.  In order for the Arts Council Fund to remain as a “voluntary contribution” option, the fund must receive $250,000 in annual contributions. 

Contributions start at $1 and these contributions collectively become a powerful force to aid the quality of life in California for everyone.   If you are unable to contribute, you can still aid this opportunity by sharing this tax option with those who can!  California State Senator Curren D. Price, Chair of California's Joint Committee on the Arts, authored and carried this bill, and continues to be supportive of the revenue stream for the CAC.

State taxes are due on April 17, 2012.  For more information about this opportunity and to view a “voluntary contribution” tutorial, use this link to view the California Art Council’s tax check off page.