Fill Us In on What's Happening with LCAP & LCFF in Your School District

Tue, 03/18/2014 - 9:42am

Photo: LCFF prioritiesAre you already up to speed on LCFF and LCAP?  Keep us in the loop and let us know what your district is doing around LCFF and LCAP so we can help spread the word.

Every district's approach to LCFF and LCAP is unique and designed to best meet the capacity of the staff and board while addressing the needs of the community.  Because the process is so new, some districts have found the process challenging or rewarding or both.

We know many of our arts advocates are working hard to participate in these processes to ensure arts education stays at the core of public education in the region.  Arts for LA wants to help promote these opportunities for participation to the rest of the community while serving as a resource on how arts education fits into the eight priority areas of LCFF.

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