Funding for Arts and Culture Rose in 2012

Thu, 06/20/2013 - 3:30pm

Money in handIn 2012, charitable giving in America rose by 3.5%. Of the eight categories of giving, which include religion and health organizations, arts and culture was the fastest growing sector of the year with a 7.8% increase. This is wonderful news for Los Angeles, the newly recognized Creative Capital and forerunner of the arts and culture movement. More funding means more opportunities for arts education, art careers, and civic engagement surrounding the arts.

 All in all, charitable giving is rising post-recession. During the 2008-09 recession, when money was tight across the country, arts and culture giving sank 8.2%.  The growth coming out of the recession shows that people are reinvesting in arts and culture, making way for job growth, economic activity, and community development. Arts and culture is now a top priority for those who give money.

Meanwhile, education and human services group and the religious sector received the largest share of donations last year. The fast shift within a year for the arts is creating a slow overall rise that suggests that society is now seeing arts and culture as an essential sector that contributes to a well rounded, thriving community.  

It is pivotal that we help to facilitate awareness that arts and culture are as fundamentally important as the other sectors in an effort to retain and create more growth in interest and funding. We celebrate that attention is again shifting positively towards the arts, but realize there is more work to be done to advocate of their behalf.