Glendale Candidates Respond to Arts & Culture Survey

Tue, 03/12/2013 - 11:43am

Photo: Glendale Arts logoEvery candidate for Glendale’s Board of Education and eight of eleven candidates for Glendale City Council have responded to Arts for LA’s semiannual arts & culture candidate surveys.  The surveys, which cover the overlap between the economy, public funding for the arts, and the value of arts education, were published today on

According to the Americans for the Arts “Arts & Economic Prosperity IV” report, the City of Glendale’s creative economy includes $5.8 million in spending by nonprofits and another $3 million in event-related spending by arts audiences annually.  Additionally, these services generate $6.7 million in income to Glendale residents while sending almost $1 million in taxes to local and state governments.  Cultural events are also a huge tourism magnet for the city.  Non-residents outspent residents by 75% when it came to attending arts events in the city.  Glendale USD has long supported arts education within the district.  In 2005, the district adopted both an arts education policy and plan; in 2008, the district signed on to be a participating Arts for All district to update and improve the existing plan.

Arts for LA’s nonpartisan surveys educate candidates about the impact of our creative businesses on the day-to-day lives of Glendale residents. Arts for LA completed surveys in partnership with Glendale Arts, Glendale’s nonprofit arts organization. Founded in 2008 as the culmination of a community-wide arts assessment, Glendale Arts manages the Alex Theatre and coordinates resources designed to benefit Glendale-based artists, arts organizations, business, government agencies, and local schools.

“Glendale Arts believes a vibrant arts community is as important as public safety, parks and hospitals,” said Elissa Glickman, CEO of Glendale Arts.  “To that end, it is important to know where our elected officials stand on the arts and the role they play in educating our children, building our economy and strengthening our community. Partnering with Arts for LA on this candidate survey gave us the perfect forum to ask these questions and give voters a chance to make informed choice on election day.”

All eligible candidates were invited to participate in the survey, which provides candidates the opportunity to reflect on the broad impact investments in the arts can have on schools and the city as a whole. “Glendale’s thriving arts community, thanks to the support and involvement of Glendale Arts, directly contributes to the quality of life of all its residents” said Danielle Brazell, executive director of Arts for LA. “The arts leadership in Glendale, as expressed by organizations like Glendale Arts, successfully works in partnership with the city, the school board, and residents in every neighborhood.” Candidates can enter or update their responses anytime prior to the election.

The surveys serve as a powerful educational tool for voters who understand the importance of arts and culture to LA’s vibrant future. In a recent survey of members, Arts for LA learned 96% of our randomly sampled respondents are registered voters.  According to the National Endowment for the Arts, “Arts participants are measurably different from non-participants—more active, more involved, and more socially engaged.” People who care about the arts are people who care about their communities.

Arts for LA’s mission is to foster a healthy environment in which arts and culture may thrive and be accessible to all in Los Angeles County.  For more information on Arts for LA’s current campaigns, programs, and news, please visit