Glendale Council Supports Expansion of Public Art Fund

Wed, 09/01/2010 (All day)

The Glendale News-Press is reporting that the Glendale City Council has endorsed expansion of the Glendale public percent for art requirement to include more new developments citywide.

From the article: "The city's Downtown Specific Plan currently requires any new development valued above $500,000 to either incorporate an on-site public art installation equal to 1% of the project's total cost, or pay a 1% in-lieu fee to an urban art fund.  Under the new proposal, new developments in mixed-use and commercial zones citywide would have to include a public art installation equal to 2% of the project's cost or pay a 1% in-lieu fee to support art installations and civic arts programming."

Read the full story by Melanie Hicken at the Glendale News-Press.