Governor Ends Talks for Tax Extension Measure

Wed, 03/30/2011 (All day)

Governor Jerry Brown, arts supporterGovernor Brown has halted budget negotiations, citing a lack of agreement between Democrat and Republican legislators.  Despite efforts by many statewide groups, local agencies, and thousands of advocates, Governor Brown was unable to secure bipartisan support for a June tax extension ballot measure.  The measure would have allowed Californians to vote on whether to extend certain taxes to counteract the state's budget shortfall. 

At the state level, Educate Our State reports more than 10,000 letters sent to legislators urging them to "Let Us Vote."  A statement on their website posted after Governor Brown halted negotiations reads, "Without the revenue extension, California will require an 'all-cuts' budget which could mean severe cuts to public education funding."

Arts for LA's "Let Us Vote" campaigns in the Claremont area and the Santa Clarita/Simi Valley area generated 60 letters to Republican representatives in those districts, encouraging them to support the ballot measure.  

As local budget negotiations progress across Los Angeles County, Arts for LA is meeting with school board members and city council members to advocate for the value of arts & culture and arts education. We will continue to provide information on local, state and federal budget issues as it becomes available. 

Governor Brown released the following YouTube video statement regarding the failed bipartisan negotiations: