LA City Council Approves Plan for Mural Program Support

Tue, 06/24/2014 - 11:00am

Murals of Arts District by Sergey Sus, on FlickrThe Los Angeles City Council approved a plan to fund mural preservation, creation, and restoration throughout the city this morning.  All Councilmembers present voted to approve the funding, which will be coordinated through the Department of Cultural Affairs.

Councilmember Mitch O'Farrell introduced the plan in his role as chair of the Arts, Parks, Health, Aging, and River Committee, summarizing the process the city has gone through to update and improve the existing mural ordinance.  Mr. O'Farrell called Acting Interim General Manager Matthew Rudnick and Public Art Division Director Felicia Filer to talk about the mural program and answer questions about the funding for Councilmember.  

The goals of the proposed plan are twofold:


  • "Preserve, conserve and restore historically significant murals throughout the City, with an emphasis on City-sponsored murals;
  • Produce new murals that re-engage communities, especially youth, and create new opportunities for muralists"


The proposed plan would also fund a Mural Program Coordinator over two years and allocate $20,000 for each City Council district to support mural work specific to that district.

Councilmember José Huizar, who led the process to workshop the revision to the mural ordinance prior to 2013, stood and spoke on the urgency of preserving Los Angeles's identity as the Mural Capital of the World.  The vote followed, approving the plan as presented.

You can read the full report and plan from the Department of Cultural Affairs on the City's website.

Photo credit: Murals of Arts District by Sergey Sus, on Flickr