LA Mural Ordinance Public Hearing, July 12

Fri, 07/06/2012 (All day)
Advocacy Team (if applicable): 

City of LA seal

The Planning Commission will hold a public hearing for the new City of Los Angeles mural ordinance on Thursday July 12 at City Hall Room 350 starting at 8:30 a.m.

The proposed mural ordinance will amend the Los Angeles Municipal and Administrative code “to allow for the creation and preservation of Original Art Murals and Public Art Installations on private property.” The Department of City Planning Recommendation Report on the mural ordinance recommends the Planning Commission to approve the proposed ordinance and recommend its adoption by City Council.

The ordinance establishes a new definition for “Original Art Mural” that replaces the existing “mural sign” definition that regulated murals as “signs,” subjugating murals to various prohibitions and conditions. The Comprehensive Sign Code currently allows three narrow outlets to create lawful murals on private property. These requirements in essence created the mural moratorium that only allowed murals to be created on public property.

With the new ordinance the Department of Cultural Affairs (DCA) will be charged with the process of applying for a permit that will allow for the creation, protection and maintenance of Original Art Murals.

According to the report the ordinance “will remove unnecessary barriers for artists commissioned to express themselves and their work on private property. These new opportunities for art citywide will contribute to livable, aesthetically pleasing and pedestrian friendly streetscapes in accordance with the goals and objectives of the City’s General Plan.”

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