LA's DCA Opens FY14-15 Grant Process for Nonprofit Orgs

Thu, 07/18/2013 - 1:23pm

Photo: LA Seal

The guidelines for the City of Los Angeles FY 14-15 Department of Cultural Affairs cultural grants for non-profit arts organizations are now posted online.

Business Education / Advocacy in the Arts, Culture/History, Literature, Media, and Visual/Design agencies need to apply this year to remain on a two-year cycle.

Applicants in Dance, Multi-Disciplinary Arts, Music, Outdoor Festivals /Parades, or Theatre (even-year cycle) that received grants during the previous application review (proposals submitted August 2012) will be held over for 2014-2015 pending the availability of City funds and submission of a Second Year Score Renewal Form.

If your arts organization specializes in Dance, Multi-Disciplinary Arts, Music, Outdoor Festivals/Parades, or Theatre and you represent a new applicant seeking a one year grant, please call DCA's Grants Administration. Your proposal may be accepted in a one-year mixed category and reviewed by a mixed discipline panel.

All applicants need to review the "What’s New or Emphasized" section on Page 3 of the guidelines to be aware of the significant changes in the DCA Cultural Grant Guidelines.The postmark deadline to submit a grant application to DCA will be August 16, 2013.