LAUSD Arts Education Budget Update

March 25, 2010

The Campaign to Save Arts Education in LAUSD has reached a critical juncture.  On March 15th, over 230 elementary arts teachers and arts specialists in dance, theatre, music, and visual arts received Reduction in Force notices, (aka, a Pink Slip).  The proposed cuts are more than we expected.  While still a worst-case scenario, if these proposed eliminations carry through to the final budget, they will effectively eliminate more than 50% of the elementary arts teaching positions. In addition, some middle and high school principals have already stated that they won’t fill the positions left vacant by the RIFed arts specialists at their schools, meaning, for example, that a high school could be left without a band program. Finally, the administration of arts education in LAUSD would be reduced from a staff of eight to a staff of three.

As you know, over the past couple of months we've been generating hundreds of letters to the LAUSD Board of Education in support of maintaining the elementary arts teaching positions at their current level.  It is clear that we need to continue and build upon that momentum, and that we need to bring our message to Superintendent Cortines.

That's why over the next week our goal is to hit 1000 letters.  We currently have about 850.  We need to make sure that every parent, student and community member who wants to maintain quality arts education in LAUSD writes a letter.   Once we hit this goal, we're going to send a special update to Superintendent Cortines with all the letters attached. 

Click here to send your letter.  Then share it on facebook.

If you have friends, neighbors, colleagues, or fellow parents in LAUSD, please forward this to them and let them know that we need their voices!

Thank you for your ongoing support in this effort.