LAUSD Board of Education Leads Effort on Arts Ed Budget

Tue, 02/25/2014 - 1:28pm

Photo: arts educate LAAfter several deadlines to produce it elapsed, the Los Angeles Unified School District stepped forward to take leadership on releasing a budget for its arts education branch last week.  The budget was presented at the Budget, Facilities, & Audit Committee meeting of the board on Thursday, February 20.

LAUSD faced July and December deadlines to release the budget based on the provisions of the historic Arts at the Core resolution, passed in October of 2012.  When both deadlines passed without comment from the Superintendent's office, Arts for LA reached out to learn more about what was holding up the process.  Arts for LA offered parents and stakeholders and opportunity to communicate directly to their board member, inviting them to take leadership on the issue on the parent's behalf.  Nearly 400 letters reached board members' inboxes during the campaign.

At the meeting of the full board of education on Tuesday, Feburary 11, board members Monica Garcia (District 2), Steve Zimmer (District 4), Bennett Kayser (District 5), and Monica Ratliff (District 6) pressed the Superintendent's staff for more information on what was holding up the budget, in direct response to the letters they received from their constituents.

The arts education budget was then added to the Budget, Facilities, & Audit Committee meeting for the February 20 meeting, where it was discussed by board members Zimmer, Kayser, and Ratliff, who serve on this committee.  

Arts for LA congratulates everyone who participated in this effort and thanks the LAUSD Board of Education for responding to constituent calls for leadership on this issue.  Arts for LA believes the arts education budget presented to the Budget Committee is an excellent starting point to begin discussions around how to effectively address issues of equity and access to arts education throughout the district.  This was a positive first step toward a budget that ensures all students can have access to arts education at every point in their education.

Not sure what is going to happen!

The "budget" they showed was restoring only 22 teachers, cutting instructional music to only one semester and spending more than 9 million dollars - more than 2/3 -  for administrative positions downtown that would just 'train" teachers how to integrate ARTS into classroom instruction.  REALITY - teachers have to work like maniacs for tests.  Also, teachers may only really connect with one Arts Programs.  We want the ARTS Programs to be restored - there have been huge cuts.  I have had massive schools contact me that they are horrified that they only have Music and one semester of another Arts.  Minimal students are exposed and they are so different.  DO NOT TRUST what Deasy is doing.  They said Zimmer is not happy with this budget and none of us should be either.  Proposition 30 was NOT about making Beaudry bigger and bigger!!!