Measure L Endorsement

Fri, 02/25/2011 (All day)

Yes on Measure L in Los AngelesLos Angeles Public Libraries are a vital part of the city’s cultural infrastructure, ensuring that access to literary, computer, and media resources is available for everyone.

Our libraries play an important role in educating youth and in providing a safe haven for all people to stretch their minds, broaden their knowledge, and reach for their dreams. As do arts and culture, libraries enrich and help define our community, fostering civic engagement, and contributing significantly to educational opportunities and quality of life.

Measure L, the Public Library Funding Charter Amendment, will appear on the ballot in the City of Los Angeles' March 8, 2011 local elections.  Measure L is a Charter Amendment that seeks to reassign funds from the city's general operating budget to the library system. Measure L also will increase the Library's responsibility for its direct and indirect costs, which include utilities, building maintenance, pensions, and other costs for operation. It will not require residents or property owners to pay more taxes or fees, but will progressively increase the Library's share of existing funds.  The library department currently receives 0.0175% of the assessed value of property in the city.  If the ballot question is approved, that would be gradually increased over a three-year period to 0.03%. It is estimated that this will generate an additional $18 million a year for the city's public library system. For more information and the full text, please click here.

While we would have preferred our elected leaders to adequately fund our libraries through the annual budgeting process, we understand that Measure L would certainly reaffirm the value of our public libraries, and is the best current hope of ensuring proper access to the cultural resources they hold.

Arts for LA endorses Measure L and encourages a yes vote for this important measure.

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