Members Meeting Report-Out

Tue, 02/08/2011 (All day)

ArSPARC Members Meetingts for LA held its first member meeting on Wednesday, January 12, 2011. Our hosts, SPARC's Executive Director (and Arts for LA Board member) Debra J.T. Padilla and Operations Manager Felipe Sanchez, created a welcoming environment inside the main gallery.   SPARC is celebrating 35 years of service. Rooted in history, activist-minded, Padilla refers to their work as being in the memory business.

We began with brief introductions, including updates about exciting projects and/or opportunities from each of the organizations represented around the table.  The conversation then shifted focus from what each organization is doing, to what community issues they are addressing.

The intimate setting allowed for a dynamic conversation about how each organization is serving the interest of the public, how challenging it is to maintain quality during the economic downturn, and how to identify unique opportunities for growth either professionally or personally.

Team Arts for LA also provided an update on the initiatives we’ve been working on – the Policy Framework, the free series of Advocacy Trainings, the Candidate Survey, and an overview of what to expect in the coming months.

Our next member meeting is on Wednesday, February 9th at the California African American Museum for organizations in Supervisorial District 2. Organizational and individual members are encouraged to attend the member meeting in your community!  If you haven't received your email invitation, you can check in with us at  Organizational membership tiers are based on budget size and rates are suggested. Individual rates start as low as $25.00.

The monthly Arts for LA Members Meetings create an opportunity for Team Arts for LA to listen in "real time" to organizational and individual members who are impacting communities through the arts and arts education in dynamic ways. It's also a chance to network, engage in peer learning and strengthen relationships based on mutual areas of concern.

Arts for LA Member Meeting at SPARC

Pictured, left to right, back row: Megan MacDonald, City of West Hollywood; Peter Harris, Viva Brasil; Donna Wood-Babcock, Enrichment Works, Margaret Martin, The Harmony Project; Danielle Brazell, Arts for LA; Suzy Foster, The HeArt Project; Abe Flores, Arts for LA.  Front row: Lee Lawlor, Grand Performances; Debra J.T. Padilla, SPARC; Felipe Sanchez, SPARC.