Motion Requests for Cultural Facilities to Remain Open through June 2011

Mon, 11/29/2010 (All day)

Councilmember Tom LaBongeOn Wednesday, November 24th, Councilmembers LaBonge and Hahn introduced a motion that instructs the CAO (Chief Administrative Office) to identify funds to ensure the DCA facilities that are being proposed to be partnered out through an RFP process will remain open through June 2011 while the CAO finishes crafting the RFP process.  The motion can be downloaded below.

This motion followed the Arts, Parks, Health & Aging Committee meeting on November 23rd, when the DCA reported that "all funds for the proposed RFP art facilities will be depleted as of January 1, 2011."  The DCA funds appropriated to keep these facilities operational while the RFP process was being managed by the Department were only intended to cover the first six months of the 2010-2011 fiscal year.  As such, additional funds are critical to keeping these facilities open, as now, according to the CAO, the RFP process is projected to be concluded in March 2011 at the earliest.

Committee staff have informed Arts for LA that a special Arts, Parks, Health & Aging meeting will be scheduled for December 14th.

There is no word yet on where the CAO will identify funds to ensure that these facilities remain open for the remainder of FY2010-2011 (through June 2011).  The DCA's grants budget for 2011 has already been allocated.  Arts for LA has requested information on Councilmembers' discretionary funding and will report back.

We will continue to provide updates as they become available.  For a full report of the November 23rd meeting, please click here.

DCA Funding



PLEASE ATTEND IF YOU CAN!  This meeting is VERY important to the future of City Cultural Arts Facilities.


ROOM 1010, CITY HALL - 8:30 AM


Items to be discussed;


(1) Chief Legislative Analyst and Department of Cultural Affairs reports relative to a Request for Proposals to transition Cultural Art facilities to public-private partnerships.

Community Impact Statement: None submitted

Motion (Hahn – LaBonge) relative to the Request for Proposals to transition 14 City- controlled cultural art facilities to public-private partnerships, while considering the proposed nonprofit leasing policy.

Community Impact Statement: None submitted

Motion (LaBonge – Hahn) relative to identifying funds to keep art facilities considered for the Cultural Affairs Request for Proposals operational by the City through June 30, 2011.

CAO RFP Process for DCA Facilities

Nine months have elapsed since the annoucement that some DCA facilities will be partnered out.  How is it possible that the CAO has been unable to define an RFP process in that time?  Can it be anything other than incompetence on the part of our City's management team?  In the original announcement, these DCA sites, like the Warner Grand Theater in San Pedro, would have already been shuttered for six months.  The process defies reason.


The CAO should find the funds to keep these facilties open from the payroll of the department responsible for producing an RFP in the first place.

Laggard RFP process + laggard notification on the part of AFLA

I have the answer! The reason is that no one has been pressuring them. Also, it is not helpful to suddenly get a bunch of emails advising that the key meeting is the next day!


I'm very active in city government process and my neighborhood council and a multitude of problems my neighborhood and the city faces, but I can't stay on the tippy top of everything including arts all by myself.


So, I also have a question. Why, since Arts for LA has a specific agenda, did it take so long to get this email blast out?The LA City Charter demands at least a 72 hour notification before ANY meeting is scheduled, so why did I only hear about this meeting from AFLA the day before the meeting????

Re: Laggard -- Please Subscribe to the Council File

Hello Anonymous! 

We suggest you subscribe to the Council Files.  That subscription will let you get updates and scheduled meeting information as soon as they are posted. Those are where we get our information, too.  We're a small shop serving all 88 cities in Los Angeles County; we do try to post information as soon as we can.

There's information on how to sign up for Council Files on the main page about this issue,

Today's meeting was a process meeting-- there was no action taken. 

We're happy to talk more about this issue, and we do encourage you to sign up directly for the Council File updates.  That's the fastest way to hear about scheduled meetings, new files and progress.