Plan to Maintain LAUSD Arts - Update

Fri, 05/04/2012 (All day)

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The future of LAUSD’s elementary arts program remains uncertain. Union contract negotiations, the Governor’s May Revised Budget (Bloomberg), and initiatives to increase school revenues (LA times) on the November budget all contribute to the uncertainty facing the arts and other vital programs in LAUSD.

In the 2012-2013 fiscal stabilization plan the elementary arts program is to be restored if “LAUSD receives a one-time negotiated agreement for 2012-13 ($220 million) until the results of the Parcel Tax are known.” To read the complete plan click here (pdf).

LAUSD has also posted briefs on the November ballot initiatives here.

Arts for LA supports the proposed Parcel Tax on the November ballot, as well as a state-level ballot initiative that will increase revenue for schools throughout California.  However, until that revenue is received in 2013, steps must be taken to maintain basic arts education infrastructure in LAUSD, the second largest school district in the nation.

Arts for LA has developed a four-point plan to maintain arts education infrastructure until Parcel Tax revenue begins to enter the district.

Click here to read the Plan to Maintain Elementary Arts Education in LAUSD
Then, please encourage your School Board member to adopt this plan by clicking here

Since we launched the campaign over 500 arts education advocates have taken action. We need your voice to encourage the School Board to adopt the plan and continue offering LAUSD elementary students a complete education that includes the arts.